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At Portobello Institute we share a common commitment to quality, a structured approach to learning and a focus on industry links as well as care for the individual learners.

Our academic team along with programme managers and teaching staff are the heart of the college who inspire and support our students on a daily basis and throughout their educational journey with us.  To ensure full relevant support for every learner we have a programme manager in place for every department. All with significant experience within their sector we are delighted to show just some of our dedicated team. 

Fran Trehy

SNA Tutor

Fran Trehy is presently working as an SNA during the day and a Tutor in the evening.  She loves both positions and feels she has the best of both worlds.  Fran has a lot of  experience apart from being a mother of three (almost) adult children and has travelled the world, working and living in Australia.


On return she worked for an airline in Dublin Airport for 15 years, and then embarked on a completely different career to work with children.  She became an SNA and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.  She is currently 15 years an SNA and during that time Fran went back to college and completed her Hons BA in Arts and humanity focussing on family studies.  She has many certificates throughout my time working with children in Dyslexia, aggressive behaviour, and specifically working with children on the Autistic Spectrum. 


The children that Fran has the pleasure of working with have been very successful in life thanks to the experience she gained throughout the years.  After obtaining her teaching council number, Fran made a really good decision of teaching in the Portabello Institute, not only has she met very ambitious students but her colleagues have also proven to be extremely helpful and professional.  When she teaches, she likes to bring her own experience to the classroom, has many tips and a lot of advice that she herself use regularly in the class setting.  She also likes her students to achieve the best results with the information they will receive.


Fran is very approachable and would encourage all her students to ask as many questions as possible, she can be contacted whenever they need advice even after they have completed their course.  Fran’s philosophy to teaching is more on a holistic and spiritual level.  Apart from teaching the SNA curriculum, she will also teach mindfulness for the student and for the child they are assisting.


The Special Needs position, although rewarding in so many ways, can also be difficult and challenging, so therefore, taking care of yourself in a mindful way is very important.  Fran will transfer her skills to the student professionally and would encourage students to think critically during the course and in their assignments.  To embark on a career with children there is so much to learn, she will make sure as a tutor to make this journey as enjoyable and informative as possible.




BA HONS Art and Humanities focussing on Family studies. DCU

Various training in Aggressive behaviour, dyslexia, PECS system, CPR, First Aid, Mindfulness meditation and Capacitar



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