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At Portobello Institute we share a common commitment to quality, a structured approach to learning and a focus on industry links as well as care for the individual learners.

Our academic team along with programme managers and teaching staff are the heart of the college who inspire and support our students on a daily basis and throughout their educational journey with us.  To ensure full relevant support for every learner we have a programme manager in place for every department. All with significant experience within their sector we are delighted to show just some of our dedicated team. 

Denise Flood

Early Years tutor

Denise is head of the Early Years department at Portobello Institute since 2008 and remains part of our core tutoring team due to her continued love of teaching. Denise teaches on core subjects of the degree programme including Reflective Leadership, Working with Children and families in the Early Years and Research and Thesis supervision.

She comes with a solid twenty-four years working in the child protection arena, welfare, and education.   Her vast experience includes investigating and prosecuting child sexual, physical and child neglect cases and was a member of the first Child Liaison teams in the Ballymun area between the local child protection professionals.

Denise has also successfully set up and managed her own Montessori School and has been tutoring across our Montessori courses for 8 years and teaching on our Early Years degrees since 2013.

To complement her huge experience Denise has completed several degrees and related master’s degree programmes in both child protection & welfare and Integrated work with children and families in the Early Years.

Denise continues to take huge pride in supporting all learners through their educational journey with us. “I love watching students confidence grow as they discover and learn things about themselves and the sector in which they have chosen to study”.

Denise shares a longstanding highlight where one student will always stand out in her mind from almost 15 years ago. “She had dyslexia and had never finished any formal education. Her self-esteem and confidence were rock bottom before starting the course. She continued to blossom throughout the course, and I worked alongside her to make her believe that anything is possible when you believe in yourself”.   This inspirational student successfully went on to open her own Montessori school and continues to take students from Portobello Institute on work placement.

From the first class taught Denise knew she had found what she loved and finds adults education so rewarding.  “You meet so many different characters from different backgrounds looking to come in to a sector that I believe is such a beautiful place to work. We are privileged to spend a few years with these young people when they are in the biggest growth phase of their lives”.

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