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At Portobello Institute we share a common commitment to quality, a structured approach to learning and a focus on industry links as well as care for the individual learners.

Our academic team along with programme managers and teaching staff are the heart of the college who inspire and support our students on a daily basis and throughout their educational journey with us.  To ensure full relevant support for every learner we have a programme manager in place for every department. All with significant experience within their sector we are delighted to show just some of our dedicated team. 

Colette Cronin

SNA tutor

Colette Cronin has been dedicated to teaching on our Special Needs Assisting courses for the last 12 years in one of our regional centres in Cork city.

Colette fully understands that special needs assistants are a vital part of full inclusion for children with special needs, within the primary school services or that of a special unit placement.

Central to her teaching is to ensure that students should be encouraged to be as independent as possible to the important goal of the SNA goal which is to fully support the child while making them as independent as possible.

Colette fully understands that teaching the courses means offering an extensive insight into the important role, together with educating the qualities and skillsets required to becoming a great SNA.

“I personally am very proud as a tutor at Portobello Institute at the level of success and job placement our students have received over my 12 years tutoring in Cork. Many of our students receive part time or full-time placement as a result of their work experience within the same school. As a tutor I endeavor to make each class enriching while providing support when needed and I am very proud to be a part of the Portobello Institute Team.”  

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