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Sophie Briscoe Kelly on graduating from makeup artistry

Sophie Briscoe-Kelly graduated from the full-time Makeup artistry course with alongside fellow classmates on Friday 25th November. Having an initial wish to teach children Sophie began her Montessori teaching course at Portobello Institute. Soon into the course Sophie felt was not the best route for her and as she was just out of school decided to take some time out to focus on herself. 

Having taken some time out Sophie discovered that she was very creative and imaginative in nature with a real love to learn. “I always had a passion for makeup and it was a way to escape and express myself. I wanted to make it my career and to make people feel good about them-selves too!” Subsequently, Sophie made a decision to complete the makeup artistry course at Portobello Institute.

For Sophie she definitely made the right decision. “I absolutely loved the course; it was a lot of work.  Most people think that makeup artists just apply makeup but there is a lot of theory behind a fully trained makeup artist.”

Sophie loved the college experience. “ I met the most wonderful people and we became really close.” Sophie describes the support as unbelievable, from the college, the tutors and her fellow classmates.

“They all made me who I am today. I became more at ease in myself and they encouraged me to be the person that I was hiding inside because I thought that I was too different but we all celebrated each other’s unique and wonderful differences and even though we worked hard, we had a lot of fun too.”

Sophie thought the course content was very relevant providing the theory and understanding behind makeup.  “I use all the knowledge and theory that I have learned in my work”.  Since Sophie loves being creative for her the course highlights include period, fantasy and special fx along with the organised trip to London to the makeup artist expo. “The trip was so much fun and I was a model for one of the girls. Overall, it was an amazing trip experiencing very talented people!”

“I got the opportunity to work on a movie after the course. It was a zombie film. It was an amazing experience and I learned a lot form the makeup artists that were there. Particularly in the special fx area and their tips and tricks that they use. In this industry we never stop learning which keeps it interesting and fresh.”

Overall, Sophie would highly recommend the course and the college – “everyone is so lovely and will guide and support you. The tutors are amazing and have a great way to challenge you". Sophie admits “it is really hard at times but you come out with a higher diploma in Makeup Artistry making you extremely employable with the option to travel too.”

Sophie is currently working in the new Superdrug store in Swords on the cosmetics counter with plans to work for a makeup company. The future looks bright for Sophie with an exciting desire to also work as a makeup artist for musicals and films.

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