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Men excel in Early Years: Gianluca Marangon shares his journey

Today we met with Montessori Level 6 student Gianluca Marangon on his journey to date, a true inspiration for men wishing to work in the Early Years sector. Research shows that men are the minority in this sector, estimated at around 1% of the workforce but there is a continuing shift in perspective and outlook. We are delighted to share Gianluca's story demonstrating that men choosing to work in this sector excel.

Gianluca moved to Dublin from Croatia 18 months ago to begin a new adventure. One of the main reasons for choosing Dublin was to really learn the English language and for Gianluca, Dublin was one of the best cities to learn the universal language.

Whilst learning the language and enjoying his new surroundings Gianluca began exploring things that were important to him. A re-occurring trend was to be surrounded where possible by happiness, and so his journey towards an early year’s education began. After alot of research and consideration he enrolled on the Montessori Level 6 full-time programme at Portobello Institute in October 2017.

Alongside covering the core content Gianluca is completing work experience two days a week and is currently placed in a small crèche and Montessori school with 10 children ranging from 2-4 years. On a recent visit to see him during his placement Gianluca was described as “gentle but very confident, where the children respected him and listened intently to him”.

For Gianluca the most rewarding part of the course is completing his placement and being around the children, “the blissful happiness of children and showing them awareness of their good qualities”. He favours the Montessori Method, describing it perfectly as “an indirect teaching method and a free environment where a child will learn about order and respect without any assistance.”

“Children are the happiest of beings, who love being alive and without thought are willing to develop to become better human beings”.     While Gianluca only spends 3 ½ hours, two days a week in the setting he can still see the progress of every single child – “children are not aware of the good things they have done”.     With a real love for music, Gianluca took the time to bring his guitar to the setting to share his love for music with the children, showing his true love for the sector and support for their development.

Montessori schools are not the norm in Croatia but Gianluca dreams that one day he may open his own setting in his hometown. For now he is looking forward to continuing with his studies and has already been offered a job on completion of his Montessori course in the setting he is currently placed.

“An early year’s setting is filled with happiness and development, with a disregard to any inequality”.   “Life is not what I thought it was before I left my hometown, it’s all about the people living in a particular city and their love for and different approaches to life”.   A true inspiration, Gianluca has already made an invaluable impact as a male figure and we look forward to hearing of his great achievements as he grows throughout the sector. 

This story certainly proves that having men in childcare brings numerous advantages and we are delighted to support Men in childcare in their views where “children benefit from a gender balanced care setting and that it is optimum in terms of the social development of a healthy child”.

“Children benefit because men will bring different experiences to the work, reflecting their own gendered up-bringing and culture in the form of new ideas and ways of working into childcare. Men working in childcare challenges stereotypes and demonstrates gender equality to young children and that manliness can include caring. In doing so, it is seen to enhance the quality of childcare” (

We offer courses in Early Years up to degree level so we would love to chat to you about your options so call us on 01 8920000 and we can schedule a call with one of our academic advisors who will take you through your options.

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