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Joan’s Montessori School goes from strength to strength

 Joan has been successfully running her own Montessori School in Castleknock since 2011 on completion of her studies at Portobello Institute. Joan’s first experience of working with children was in a Montessori Setting. “I was amazed at how the children learned through the Montessori materials”.

“I observed for a number of months and learned how each child developed through the use of materials. In time I came to the realisation that I needed to know how to present these materials myself and also to understand the developmental journey for children. “

This was the beginning of Joan’s rewarding journey into Early Years and completed the full Montessori teaching course in 2007. With the encouragement from tutors and also to extend her learning Joan completed the advanced supervision in Childcare in 2011. This meant she was fully equipped to work with and care for the children.

During her time at Portobello Institute, Joan was presented with an Achievement Award for her hard work and dedication, while demonstrating key qualities such as patience, leadership and an overall educator. Joan speaks very highly of tutors with admiration for Denise Flood, college director and head of Early Years Department, “who made her journey possible”.

The Montessori School resides at her home in Castleknock and Joan continues to care for and educate children for 38 weeks of the year. The School has been at full capacity this year with a waiting list already in place for next year showing Joan’s true devotion and hard work.

Undoubtedly, Joan has shown continued courage and confidence, exclusively running her own school over the last number of years. With continued success, the school are recruiting an administrator and are also offering work experience placement to students of Portobello Institute, possible future room leaders and Montessori owners.

“Deciding to study at Portobello Institute was one of the best career decisions I have made with the second best decision was to open my own Montessori school”. “I could adapt what I had learned and develop my own curriculum in my own setting and this for me is the greatest feeling.”

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