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Conor establishes his own Sports business

“I have been into sports my whole life; I always knew it is the area I wanted to work in. If I wasn’t going to compete at a professional level then I was wanted to be involved and work with professionals in the field.”

I worked as a gym instructor for 4 years before deciding I was going to head back to college. I was playing sports and repeatedly getting injured. This frustrated me as I felt I wasn't getting the necessary attention and guidance I needed. I felt I could help people with their rehab with design specific programmes to maximise recovery and speed up the process.

Performing these exercises at home for the majority just wasn't stimulating. For me and many I spoke to agreed that having an instructor or therapist present while performing rehab exercises would be of great benefit and at least help individuals to perform these exercises at a higher intensity and with better quality.

I was no expert on injuries and as a gym instructor did not know anything about business or marketing so I began to look at my options and Portobello was the perfect choice for me.

Portobello institute provided me with a high level education in the field of injuries and rehabilitation throughout my degree in sports therapy. I received ongoing help and guidance from tutors and always found the content of lectures interesting and easy to follow.

I would like to give a special shout out to my programme manager for their guidance and in helping me to develop my research skills in particular. I am also very grateful for those important tips on the website and clinic name.

Also, I would like to say a huge thank you to our business tutor. His sporting background and interaction with all of the students made every class easy and enjoyable, while learning a huge amount in terms of marketing strategies and identifying a business idea and target market. He's a natural and a brilliant asset to Portobello.

A massive amount of credit is due to John Stacey who over the 3 years helped us all, not just academically but as people, and as a group he gave us all equal attention. His teaching style is enjoyable and he made the most difficult content manageable by breaking it down to a very logical level.

After 3 years of in depth study and research I was now equipped with the tools I needed to open my own clinic, the Athletic injury rehabilitation (AIR) clinic. I run this clinic out of a well established gym in north Dublin. There are excellent facilities in place and all my clients leave satisfied and assured of any injury concerns. I have 14 clients coming to me on weekly basis.

Future plans look incredibly exciting for Conor with an established and successful company in place and the team at Portobello Institute wish Conor all the very best in his exciting future endeavours.

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