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A truly remarkable story: Sergey Dolgy

Sergey Dolgy has just completed a full-time business management programme with Portobello Institute and we are absolutely delighted to share his remarkable journey. Sergey was born in Bobruisk, one of the oldest cities in Belarus and having spent the majority of his childhood in an orphanage he is a true testament to the work of Irish charity organisations showing through their support how much he has achieved in his short 23 years and refers to Ireland as his second home.

Ann and Brian Kelly, who are based in Crumlin have continued to play a significant role in Sergey’s remarkable development over the last 10 years. Due to their selfless and continued work in their charity Pashli, Sergey had the opportunity to come to Ireland every summer from Belarus and has grown into a remarkable person.

In short, Pashli make a huge difference to the lives of many people in Belarus who are experiencing extreme poverty. Support includes improving the living and social opportunities of orphan children and neglected elderly. A huge amount of continued physical work is done across the orphanages and elderly people’s homes together with providing them with necessities and gifts.

Understanding the once in a lifetime opportunity which was presented to Sergey to travel to Dublin the educational institution in Belarus gave him academic leave which allowed him to complete his goal of coming to Ireland to study. In the summer of 2017 Sergey was granted a sponsorship programme where he travelled back to Dublin to stay again with his host family Ann and Brian Kelly.

Denise Flood, College director at Portobello Institute through her own selfless dedication to charity work in Belarus made connections with Pashli and so Sergey began his once in a lifetime dream and completed a full-time programme in Business Management at Portobello Institute, alongside an English course in Delfin English School. Outside of his busy daily schedule Sergey selflessly spent all of his free time alongside his dedicated host family, giving back.

Over the course of his time in Dublin Sergey has remained hugely charitable, always wanting to give back and aspiring to help others without a second thought, Sergie has helped out in many different areas with Pashli and with the Hope Centre in Dublin; including helping in promoting, organising and packing humanitarian aid to be shipped to Belarus.

Completing the course for Sergey will ultimately now mean finding good employment upon returning home. An international qualification will make him an attractive specialist in the Belarusian employment market. For Sergey, the Irish experience of study and work will be the basis to his new foundation for a successful job search and future life in his homeland. Sergey feels the content covered in his business management course at Portobello Institute will fully equip him across numerous opportunities that await him. Future plans for Sergey include setting up his own business as an electrical engineer or working as a business manager with Pashli in Belarus.

It’s been a very busy year for Sergey, completing his one year QQI Level 6 programme at Portobello Institute, while learning English, working part-time and committing himself to numerous charitable activities with his host family. All show a true picture of his character, determination and real focus to achieve great things.

Sergey is continuing to learn English and hopes to work as an electrician over the summer months in Dublin, having studied this for a number of years at third level in Belarus. Volunteering will continue to play an everyday role for him working alongside Ann and Brian. He is extremely grateful of all that Pashli have presented him with over the last 10 years and wants to continue to give back.  Sergey is already looking forward to a day of celebration of his achievements alongside his peers at the annual graduation and all the team at Portobello Institute commend him on his great achievements to date and look forward to hearing about his future endeavours.

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