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What are we learning in the Level 7?

Over the coming days we will continue to share some core module snippets on what are we learning in our level 7 degree in Early Childhood studies to help give potential learners an insight into what to expect in terms of course content.  In the blended level 7 degree students study 8 core modules which equip them to implement effective practice with children and families within an early years setting.

We are delighted to share another snapshot from a graduate who completed the degree with a specific focus here on personal social and emotional development module.

Personal, social and emotional development (PSED) is a module that explores the theories of PSED. It allows students to gain an understanding that it is the basis of all future relationships, learning, and lifelong success.  Due to its lifelong importance, it must be understood, nurtured and promoted across early year’s settings. Young children’s early education must nurture self-confidence, self-concept, self-awareness, self-esteem, confidence, wellbeing, positive learning dispositions and a sense of mastery.

Children ultimately learn how to manage feelings and behaviours, build positive attitudes about themselves and others, while building relationships with others. Consequently, character and behaviour are being moulded at this time.

PSED is enhanced through positive, nurturing relationships with primary caregivers and key adults. This, in turn, forms a secure base that allows the child to gain the independence and confidence to explore the wider world and build relationships with peers.

Early year’s environments foster PSED through key personal approach, listening to children, respect and encouragement, sustained shared thinking, encouraging children to voice opinions, thereby enabling them to be co-constructors in their own learning and development. This, along with the impact of cultural and social factors on the development of PSED are studied, and explored through reading and discussion. Students reflect upon and evaluate the quality of their own provision and practice in this area. This is vitally important as settings must meet each child’s holistic needs, in order for them to become confident and competent learners, healthy in mind, body and spirit.

This is also to give learners the confidence that they can complete a Level 7 in Early Childhood studies. For course details please contact Jennifer on 01 8920031 or or come along to one of our upcoming scheduled open days.

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