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Transparency within Fashion

Transparency is becoming increasingly important in the fashion industry. People want to know who is making their clothes, where they are sourcing the fabric and how many times the different elements of their clothes have to circle the globe before reaching their wardrobes. It will be extremely interesting to see how this develops and what effects it will have on the industry.


A Change in the Industry.


For a long time, there has been a detachment between people and their clothes as they do not know of the complicated route a garment takes from the design on a page to the final product on the high street.



From pattern drafting and grading to the farmer growing the cotton, there is an entire world of people working to maintain the high levels of clothes people buy every year. It is such an interesting and varied process; people will have contrasting problems with various different parts of it. 


Fashion Adapting.


However, the fashion industry is extremely malleable, and it will change and move to adapt to whatever challenges it encounters. At the moment, a huge challenge of the fashion industry is the effect it is having on the environment and sustainability is becoming increasingly important.




As the world becomes more aware of the planet and the damage we are causing we are each going to have to decide how we are going to move forward as a customer, which elements do we support and which do we oppose and what brands are there that agree with our thoughts to align with. The only way we can move forward in this way is for brands to become entirely transparent.




In the Fashion Industry and Design Studies class, I want the students to understand the process and be aware of the many skilled hands a garment must pass through in order to become a 3D functional piece of clothing. Check out our other Fashion courses by clicking here.



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