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Sustainability is of vital importance for today’s Fashion Buyers

The magnitude and pace at which clothing is manufactured and consumed has created the term “fast fashion”.  Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections are being substituted with a weekly turn-over of new fashions, where consumers are buying more and throwing out clothing quicker than ever in order to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends. 

Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is seen by many as the cause of the sustainability issues that the fashion industry faces today with some now working to reduce the environmental footprint of its products. 

To Be More Sustainable?

Some stores want the fashion industry to be more sustainable and are considering sustainability when it comes to deciding the brands they stock.  Also, many brands are now using sustainable cotton initiatives, new dyeing technology, as well as energy and chemical saving initiatives throughout the supply chain to reduce water, energy and chemical use. 

Thus, today’s buyers should plan to increase spending on sustainable products and companies should ensure they have a sustainability programme in their strategy. The want for new clothes by the consumer may be impossible to change. Therefore, it is up to brands and stores alike to use innovation and creativity to design, supply and buy products that are more sustainable for our environment and our future. 


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