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Supporting our learners for continued study

With the CAO and UCAS applications closed for another year, we were delighted share a short piece on how we support and guide both our Health and Nursing students through this important process while completing their studies at Portobello Institute. 

For many choosing a course at Portobello Institute ultimately means the right stepping stone and qualification to furthering their studies and this has proven very sucessful particularly for our nursing students achieving desired places across a number of nursing degree programmes. 

Some of our students choose to complete a QQI Level 5 programme with us to work in a healthcare role with the majority having a view to gaining a place on a Level 8 (Honours degree) University programme. The CAO offers one access route to students hoping to pursue degree level education, however places are often competitive and very limited.

To expand our students’ prospects to achieving a dream place on a Level 8 programme we also recommend considering the UCAS application route as an alternative route to success. UCAS is the UK equivalent of the CAO and involves students completing a personal statement, providing academic references and estimated grades to support their application to study at a UK university.

To ease the stress and also increase the chances of student success, our academic team provide individual support sessions in preparing both CAO and UCAS applications. UCAS includes personal statements, academic references and completion of an online application for any students interested in pursuing this option of study. 

At Portobello Institute we are dedicated to ensuring that our students get the best possible start following their study with us so we understand the importance of supporting them in their journeys. Our academic team are highly skilled in both the CAO and UCAS process together with all the available options for progression in Nursing or Allied Health Science studies.

Our aim is to make the application process less stressful and a more exciting process for students who wish to continue their studies to degree level.  We have also included a full sample of the UK Universities as reference who accept QQI Level 5 Nursing applicants from Portobello Institute who are interested in this route to success. 

Our next intake on our QQI Level 5 award in Nursing Studies is October 2019 and we are holding a series of Open Days to invite potential students to come into see us. 



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