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Release of our new innovative sports degrees

Over the last number of years and particularly in the last 24 months, Portobello Institute have witnessed the ongoing success of the sports department with continuous growth in student numbers across our degree programmes.

With constant sector advancements together with a dedicated forward-thinking academic team we are now delighted to announce the release of our new innovative sports degrees. Students can now specialise across 4 distinct disciplines from sports therapy to performance analysis, physical education & coaching and psychology. These degrees have been specifically developed and will be positioned alongside our current BSc (Hons) in Sports Therapy.

Dr. Susan Giblin, innovative sports programme manager at Portobello Institute has been heavily involved in both the creation and development of these new degrees so we are delighted to be able to give potential learners her firsthand snippet.

BSc Sports Performance Analysis

In the evolving world of Sport, technology and analytics are now changing the game. Traditional sports science alone doesn’t cut it anymore, and the next generation of sports scientist require unique, highly specialised skills. The BSc in Sports Performance Analysis equips students with these skills that are essential for working in Elite Sport. It is the first of it’s kind, specifically designed by industry experts to meet the demands of both the professional sports and sports technology markets.

BSc Physical Education & Coaching

Physical Education is finally recognised as an examinable subject in the Irish Education system. The BSc in PE & coaching is specifically designed to meet the curricular requirements of the Irish Education System. The degree focuses on pedagogical, psychological and sociological factors combined with in - school teacher placements throughout to ensure holistic teaching development as well as specialised subject training.

BSc Sports Psychology, Coaching & Physical Education

The BSc Sports Psychology offers a unique opportunity to specialise in sports psychology at undergraduate level. This degree is ideal for anyone considering a career working with elite athletes or anyone interested in how learnings from elite sport can promote optimisation of human performance in any walk of life (e.g. youth development or general health settings). The degree offers a strong foundation in general sports sciences such as anatomy, physiology and biomechanics, as well as emphasising skills development in coaching, communication, leadership and education to ensure that students graduate equipped with effective practitioner skills as well as robust subject knowledge.

All 4 honours degrees will commence in October 2018 and are delivered over 3 academic years. Learners will be awarded by London Metropolitan University (LMU). For more information or indeed to arrange an interview please contact sports academic advisor Shane Ferris on 01 8920011 or 

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