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Level 7: What are we learning in class?

To help those considering their Level 7 we are delighted to share some core module snippets on what are we learning in our level 7 degree in Early Childhood studies to give potential learners an insight into what to expect in terms of course content. This is also to give learners the confidence that they can complete a Level 7 in Early Childhood studies.

In the blended degree students study 8 core modules which equip them to implement effective practice with children and families in a range of situations and also to act as an advocate for their rights and well-being. We are delighted to share this snapshot from a past student who completed the degree with a focus here on challenging inequalities module.

Challenging Inequalities in Early Childhood is a module which brings our thinking into the 21st century, in terms of equality, diversity and inclusion. There is now immense diversity in Irish society, and early years services need to embrace this change. This module allows practitioners to examine and reflect upon themselves, their service, its policy, provision and practice. The module seeks that students will gain a clear understanding of legislation, guidelines and frameworks in terms of equality, diversity and inclusion and how these are evident in settings.

It asks us to think about equality, or lack of it, in terms of family, race, culture and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, poverty, social class, disability and special educational needs or indeed any marginalised group within society. It also highlights the impact of educators, peers, settings, community, society on identity development, self-confidence and wellbeing. Therefore, an anti-discriminatory approach and anti-bias practice must be supported in early year’s settings. This approach embodies listening to children in everyday practice. It leads to advocacy in terms of welcoming and supporting the various and multiple identities of children and families and embracing a positive perspective on children’s rights.

At Portobello Institute we understand the importance of support at third level especially at degree level ensuring support systems are in place for learners. While studying the module students will have the opportunity to attend a scheduled informative workshop with their peers and will also have support of their tutor for any questions throughout the module and in turn will receive informative feedback along the way.

For course details please contact Jennifer on 01 8920031 or or come along to one of our upcoming scheduled open days.

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