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Intensive training in Special Needs Assisting. Is it for you?

Special Needs Assistant one week intensive study allows for compressed learning covering the equivalent course content of a standard 12 week course, with face-to-face peer discussion, networking and completion in a much shorter concentrated time-frame. On completion of the one week of intensive training students have a further 6 weeks to cover their required work experience and assignments to complete the course in full.

Intensive study can be the perfect option for those on summer holidays, have busy full-time employment, family commitments or are a distance from a preferred college so taking the one week to complete the core material can be the perfect alternative to other types of study. In addition, time saved with the intensive mode of teaching is also encouraging students to take this route of study compared to traditional methods. For those who want to progress their studies quickly to gain their qualification this is the perfect option.

You do need to consider the course pace and if this is the best option for you. Intensive study requires a mind-set in organising and thinking through course delivery, learning modes, timing and assessments. You should also be expected to do coursework and reading each day as the course progresses and ask daily questions while progressing through the week.

The Classroom Environment

It can be said that one of the main reasons for taking an intensive course is to reduce the amount of time spent in class. Having said that, the environment in which you complete the study is important. Intensive courses classes tend to be smaller which is vital for any extra support from the tutor and for daily class interaction. At Portobello Institute we encourage a small learning environment with typically no more than 14 students per course to ensure enhanced learning.


Another great advantage is the opportunity to meet new people on a daily and concentrated basis who are in similar industries or have similar interest and commitments. It is nice to keep in touch to exchange advice, tips and support while working throughout the comprehensive course.

The Learning Style

With intensive courses, you can ask questions as you go through course daily content and have support for further explanation on what is being discussed. You can access all learning materials and resources online afterwards and ask any further questions the following day. On completion of an intensive course learners are one triumphant step ahead of competitors in the job market, having efficiently trained in less time to get the right qualification.

Portobello Institute are delighted to announce new dates on our next available intensive programmes in special needs assisting for both QQI Level 5 & 6 which will take place the week of 4th & 11th March.  These courses are taught by industry experts, and all are the equivalent to a our part-time 12 week courses.

We would love to chat to you about your options so call Jenny on 01 8920007 or email for full course details.

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