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FM: Who are our IWFM Level 3 learners?

For any learner, going back to education can be daunting regardless of the time spent away from study, so we have put this encouragement piece together to help give potential students the full confidence that they can achieve their IWFM Level 3 diploma in Facilities Management.

At Portobello Institute we understand and value the differences between our learners. Every learner is unique and we appreciate they may have varying concerns and questions as they progress through their studies. To ensure full support for part-time study we have an academic team in place, all with significant experience within the facilities management sector.

Our IWFM Level 3 facilities management course has been designed to allow for effective learning with rolling start dates delivered on a part-time basis. Students will attend a set schedule of classes which are held one evening a week and on Saturdays.  The course is suitable for a wide range of learners who will cover a number of core modules including an introduction to facilities management, corporate responsibility, sustainability in FM, health and safety and project management with FM.

Our current Level 3 learner profile

We are delighted to share 4 diverse profiles of learners from our IWFM level 3 course demonstrating that no matter where you are in life achieving a recognised diploma in Facilities management is possible.

1. An employee: working within or on the fringe of the sector in areas such as maintenance, care-taking. Also those in customer facing roles such as receptionist or call centre, with no professional qualification

2. An experienced professional: with a specific qualification and significant experience working in a defined trade or position, for example an electrician, plumber or security officer

3. A mature professional: with significant experience from outside the facilities management sector wishing to start a new rewarding career

4. A busy parent: with family commitments, who may have spent some time in and out of the job market and are looking for a return to full-time work or indeed a change in career

To further support the varying profiles of our learners we have rolling start dates in place with no official application deadline to enrol, with applications considered quickly so students can begin their studies at any stage throughout the year.

To find out more about our IWFM Level 3 course or indeed any of our facilities management courses please contact Lynda O'Neill on 01 8920020 or 

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