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Everything you need to know about a college open day

Choosing a third level course can be a daunting task for every school leaver and indeed adult learner so we have put together some tips to help those hoping to attend an open day. Third level colleges offer open days to help students to benefit from specific course details and to essentially introduce them to the wider experience of life as a student.

Research is crucial when making the right decision. While website and direct correspondence with a college are vital components in decision making, it only tells part of the story. 

Dates for diary?
To ensure suitability for both leaving certificate students and adults learners with busy lives and to give them the opportunity to get a full sense of whats involved in academia and college life Portobello Institute have a specific date in place for courses: Thursday, 21st March 5-7pm and Thursday 16th May, 5 -7pm.

What should I do before hand?
In the run up to the open day have a good think about and jot down the type of questions you would like to ask. Come with your questions ready and this will help clarify what you would like to get out of the day. It is also important to consider the subjects you are studying for leaving cert and what you are enjoying also.

What should I expect when I arrive?
When you arrive at an open day at Portobello Institute you will be greeted in reception by one of the team who will take you around the college. You will be shown to one of the rooms where you would be completing your studies so you can get a real immediate feel for life in the college. You can enjoy an informal one on one chat with one of our experienced academic advisors who will take you through any questions that you have. In addition, if you want a formal interview on the day this can also be pre-arranged.

Can I ask questions afterwards?
Ask as many questions as you wish when you arrive and our academic advisors will take you through everything you need to know. They will send you a follow up email and phone call for any follow up questions that you may have.

What is life like on campus?
For many students, the size of the college or class matters. Portobello Institute has historically been a choice for students preferring a more intimate college, where smaller groups of students get to know each other quickly, with a full support system in place for the full duration of your studies.

So what do Portobello Institute offer to students?
We have a number of key departments here at Portobello Institute, ranging from one year certificate courses, through to diploma and level 7 & 8 degree programmes. 

Specific to pre-university we offer highly sought after pre-university courses in nursing. This pre-university course makes desired qualifications in nursing possible that may not be an option through CAO. This courses provides the ideal platform and entry point for students to underpin vital foundations before committing to further study.

For students with a more specific career goal in mind we offer employable courses in beauty therapy, makeup artistry, fashion buying and travel to name a few disciplines.

We have an Early Years department with multiple learner options including Special Needs assisting, Montessori teaching and level 7 and 8 in Early Childhood Care & Education.

In Sport students can now specialise across 4 distinct degree disciplines from sports therapy to performance analysis, physical education & coaching and psychology. These degrees have been specifically developed and will be positioned alongside our current BSc (Hons) in Sports Therapy.

There is a college and a course for every student. Research is key to finding what the right fit is for you and once you are happy with the research, it’s time to reflect, review and compare. Call us today on 01 8920000 or email to register your interest in attending our open day. If you cannot attend on the day we offer an open door policy if you wish to pop in and see us. 


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