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Assignment support at Third level

Assignment writing is a key component to studying at third college and this is significant across all courses up to degree level. Assignment support is to help empower students of all abilities to create strong, credible assignments and build a well thought out piece. 

At Portobello Institute we understand that the ability to write a good assignment is not something that happens overnight and that it develops over time. It is a skill that strengthens through regular practice and learnings on what has been perhaps done incorrectly.

Assignment support is fundamental to what we do. We understand the challenge of completing assignments at third level education particularly at degree level, the new skills and the change in thinking sometimes needed to put things on paper.

We care about every individual student’s success, and want them to achieve the best they can. Through this approach we offer our students the opportunity to ask specific questions and to submit a draft assignment for informal feedback before submitting the final version.

Sometimes it can be hard to communicate exactly what you know and making a start on a piece can seem very daunting so here are some assignment tips that we hope you find helpful.

• The planning of an assignment is very important - allow enough time and attention especially for the research phase.
• As you begin you will get new ideas or indeed think about ideas in different ways.
• While writing an assignment, your knowledge about a topic will be broadened in your research. 
• You will gain experience in the process of doing research so read, read and read.
• Use both primary and secondary resources to demonstrate a strong argument (primary allow for original information about a topic while secondary comes from resources such as books). 
• You should be armed with information so it is good to move from the general to more specific. For example from reading general books to relevant journals on a core subject.
• Planning will help you to organise and prioritise information so you can focus on what you need to write about and remember the word count.
• Overall, your ability to formulate content and to write improves immensely.

Depending on the significance of an assignment the format should generally follow an introduction, body of content, conclusion and bibliography.

•The introduction can be one of the most crucial parts of the assignment painting a clear picture of and giving a guide of what’s to come. 
•The main body contains paragraphs of core information and gives the reader a real insight into a subject matter.
•The conclusion takes the reader back to the introduction and to the body of the assignment and is the final step in the argument reflecting what has been achieved. A bibliography plays a part in enabling the reader to locate any of the sources quoted.

One of the most important skills students will learn at third level is the ability to write clearly and cogently and to communicate information in the right manner. At Portobello Institute we offer individual ongoing support to help all students to acquire these significant skills in preparing well-crafted documents through their time at third level.

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