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Aoife Matthews Carroll, graduate shares her insight into one of our core tutors

An inspirational graduate insight into the dedication of one of our longest standing members of staff, Olga McKiernan to her students and the Institute.

It has always been a passion for Olga to train students from all walks of life; many who are looking for a career change with the highest of standards that are required when working with children. Olga has  an abundance of past students who are working all over the world in Montessori schools including many who have also gone on to open their own settings.

Olga has been a member of the Early Years department tutor team here at Portobello Institute with over 20 years experience and we are delighted to share this encouragement insight about her from one of her Montessori students Aoife Matthews Carroll.

Aoife completed her Montessori & ECCE in 2018 and really enjoyed and appreciated having Olga as a tutor. “She was so good to me and I really found that she always went above and beyond for her students. She was always there to answer any questions we had”. 

Aoife believes that Olga always has her students’ best interests at heart, helping everyone to learn while making it enjoyable because of how passionate she is. “It's clear to see that she wants all of her students to succeed and progress”. 

“For me personally, Olga made studying at Portobello institute a really pleasant journey and I was sad to be saying goodbye to her. I feel very lucky to have had Olga as a tutor and any of her future students will feel the same”.

Aoife confesses “when I had things going on in my personal life, Olga was extremely supportive and understanding and went out of her way to help me with college work and always reminded and reassured me that I was capable”. 

A perfect quote from Aoife confirming the true devotion of Olga to both her students and the Institute,

As students, when the inevitable deadline and exam stress kicked in and if we ever felt like giving up, Olga was there to catch us, motivate and encourage us to keep going”. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Olga for her ongoing commitment to the Institute and we wish graduate Aoife all the very best of luck in future endeavours and thanks for taking the time out to share your college experience with us.


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