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JACK&JONES - Intern & Money-Maker Programme

Ready to kick-start your career? Want to be the best? With the right attitude and the will to work hard & succeed, you can start your career in JACK & JONES by initially beginning a sales internship and then joining sales talents from all over Europe for a year and a half stay at JACK & JONES’ Global Headquarters in Brande, Denmark.

In the heart of our business, you will be enrolled in our education, GET FLYING. You are trained by professional and inspirational trainers, who equip you with sales techniques and deep insights that will make you a phone sales champion. When you’re ready for the challenge, you continue your development in our Ireland operations based in Ballymount.

What’s involved

The successful candidate will join the Bestseller team as an intern and will receive hands-on, day to day experience working alongside the Jack&Jones team, affording the intern an opportunity to apply the academic knowledge they have gained to date, in ‘’real world’’ situations. The intern will in April/May then get the opportunity to travel to Denmark to take part in our Money-Maker programme, a bespoke sales training programme where representatives from all markets learn the essential requirements of being a Jack & Jones Money-Maker!

- The initial part of this opportunity will consist of a 3-4 month part-time (2 day per week) unpaid internship where the successful candidate will be introduced to Jack&Jones as a brand and begin to learn aspects of the fashion sales environment from our Jack&Jones team.

- The second part of this opportunity will consist of a 12/18 month placement in our headquarters (Denmark) taking part in the Jack&Jones Money Maker programme

This international adventure is your opportunity to get a dynamic and challenging job with independent responsibility, great colleagues and career possibilities out of the ordinary.

Our promise

The training and development you receive at the international call centre will leave your career opportunities within JACK & JONES wide-open - locally as well as internationally.

We want you to feel at home from day one, so we set you up with your own room in a fully-financed Villa alongside 10 other international “money maker” colleagues, who are also new to Denmark. Besides of the accommodation the “plug & play” package includes fixed salary and possibility of transportation. We have social activities lined up for you throughout your stay, so you will get plenty of opportunities to develop your personal network.

With this “plug & play” package, you will have the time of your life!

Please contact – AM.

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