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Fashion and Beauty Styling Certificate

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Minor Award

Fashion and Beauty Styling Certificate

Fashion and Beauty are billion-dollar industries that are growing and growing. The area of Stylist and Personal Shoppers is developing right alongside, as is the demand for professional stylists for photo shoots, fashion shows, events, or in major departments store across the globe. Would you love to be part of team to style a photo shoot for a leading magazine or become a self-employed fashion and make up expert?

This course will cover all the essentials you need to know about fashion styling, make up and of course how to spread the word through digital marketing.

Portobello Certificate in Fashion Styling

Portobello Certificate in Makeup knowledge and Application

QQI Level 5 in Digital Marketing

This course is by direct application to the college. There are no previous academic requirements

Thisi s a part course delivered over 24 week.  Each modules is 8 weeks and learners can enroll for the full course or individual modules.

Module A – Fashion Stylist

1.Explore the varied roles of the fashion stylist in the fashion industry, to include personal styling, photo shoot styling and fashion show styling
2 Examine the contemporary and historical fashion product with reference to its portrayal in the fashion media
3 Investigate the complex role of the media in the promotion of the fashion product through advertising and public relations
4 Evaluate the client’s purposes and message to be communicated in commissioning a photo shoot look book and or fashion show as part of a marketing campaign
5 Demonstrate understanding of styling techniques and tools for different markets, age groups and body shapes and sizes

Module B – Make up Knowledge and Application

1.    Basics in makeup application
2.    Understanding the products and function
3.    Day/eve look and techniques
4.    Photographic looks and techniques.
5.    Promotion and Sales.

Module C- QQI level 5 digital Marketing (5N1364)

1 Identify digital marketing strategies and explain their integration with traditional marketing
2Outline the stages of analysis, development, implementation and control of digital marketing campaigns
3. Identify e-tools to include social media marketing, blogs, media, email marketing, SEO, online advertising and their application to digital marketing campaigns  
4.Develop customised digital marketing campaigns to include the use of e-tools
5.Evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns using analytical e-tools
6. Plan a digital marketing campaign from inception to completion


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