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Providing Facial Care - Part Time Evening

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Approx 3 months


ITEC Level 2 Certificate


Awarding Body

Start Date

Start Date
February 2019

Providing Facial Care - Part Time Evening

The Providing Facial Skincare course supplies the learner with the necessary skills and knowledge to be proficient in preparing and providing a wide range of treatments. To have the knowledge and expertise in preparation and selection of the correct products and equipment to carry out the suitable facial skincare treatments. You will specialise in Skincare and Product Advice, Cleanse (Superficial & Deep), Facial Massage and Facial Masks.

The Learner will develop the skills to communicate and behave in a professional manner following health and safety work practices. This course will prepare the learner for a work in environment. Career opportunities include: Salon, Private Consultant, Beauty product company employment.

ITEC Award in Provide Facial Skincare

Entry to this course is by direct application to the college. There are no previous academic requirements.

This is a part-time course one evening a week

Mandatory Units:  Provide Facial Skincare

Skin care

Deep & superficial cleansing

Toning & Moisturising

Facial Treatments

Skin analysis with contra-indications

The skin

Cosmetic science

Osteology, neurology & angiology

Communication & Behaviour in a professional manner

Health & Safety

The main skills the learner will perform are:

Facial skincare – to include consultation, skin analysis, cleansing, massage, application and removal of masks, adaption of treatment to suit the client’s needs and providing after care advice.

Course price is €699

ITEC Exam Fee: £110
Materials: €60 approx

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Course Code Location & Info Price
BPFC-P-DS-FB-19 Portobello Institute, Dublin 1

11/02/19 - 29/04/19 & 1 extra class held Saturday 11/05/19
Monday, 6.30pm-9.30pm
€699 Book Now
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