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Montessori Teaching - Full Time

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7 months


QQI Level 6


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Start Date
October 2019

Montessori Teaching - Full Time

At Portobello Institute, we understand children are dynamic, natural learners. By observing young slum children, Maria Montessori came to understand what was holding these children back – adult interference. She realised that “The child's mind is not the type of mind that the adults possess”.Freedom is the single most important factor in allowing children to develop as spontaneous, creative individuals. 

How does a child discover they can walk? Do they give up the first time they fall? Do they ever doubt that they can walk? No, a young child will practice this skill with enthusiasm, determination & absolute resolve until they have mastered the skill and once mastered then it’s immediately time to move onto the next level of climbing, running & jumping. 

As adults, we encourage the young child to walk, we move obstacles out of their way. We don’t restrict or prevent their progress by trying to control their movement. We don’t scold or get impatient with them if they get it wrong. Instead we silently watch, give encouragement and direction when needed, then acknowledge their efforts with a nod & a smile or a kiss & a hug or even a cheer & a clap. We understand that walking is an early learning stage in our child’s development that needs much practice and if we interfere or try to control them, we will only disrupt their progress and damage their confidence. Maria Montessori  believed “Do not tell them how to do it. Show them how to do it and do not say a word. If you tell them, they will watch your lips move. If you show them, they will want to do it themselves.”

Following this course, you will understand like Maria Montessori understood, that children naturally absorb the world around them and that they blossom in self-confidence and self discipline when they are allowed to follow their innate needs.

Maria Montessori’s early learning was that just like a young child learning to walk, or holding a kitten, children gain knowledge best from the “Learning by Doing” theory as opposed to the conventional sit, listen, read and then learn. “Learning by Doing” is in essence the philosophy a Montessori teacher follows when guiding a child’s development in the Montessori school. 

It is this Montessori philosophy that we follow when guiding our students through this stimulating & enlightening course. We have the benefit of over 30 years experience in delivering, researching and developing a Montessori teacher training course that follows & interprets the values that Maria Montessori prescribed in the 1900’s and that is now known as the “Montessori Method”. 

Portobello Institute’s Montessori Teaching course will change the way you view the process by which a child learns and their inherent ability to concentrate and grasp a complex subject when given the time and freedom to do so. Integrated into this programme, are the principles set down by Siolta the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Aistear: the Framework for Early Learning.

QQI Level 6 Major Award in Early Years Care and Education

Entry onto this programme is based on interview. At the interview we are seeking the characteristics and traits we believe essential to work with children – a calm patience, an excitement and a passion to help children explore and learn about the world through the Montessori method.

Portobello Institute’s Montessori Teaching course is delivered over 1 academic year. You will spend 3 days per week in college and 2 days per week on placement gaining work experience. 

Whilst in college, you focus on learning the Montessori method and pedagogy and the core principles of early years care and education. Classes are split between the practical Montessori approach and theory training, with time spent learning the theory and practising the Montessori presentation skills during each session.

Time is also spent researching and developing your knowledge of the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of the child aged 0-6 years. There is the opportunity for you to consider other types of early years provision including state, private, voluntary and institutional. 

Work  Experience Programme

As the philosophy of Montessori was “Learning by Doing” then it is only natural that work experience in an approved Montessori school, under the guidance of a qualified and experienced Montessori directress, be an integral part of your learning journey. During the placement programme of 2 days per week, you will have the opportunity to put into practice the exercises and skills you will have learned during the programme. You will have the opportunity by using these skills to stimulate, develop and guide the children under your direction to develop to their full potential. We aim to ensure you have the opportunity to gain experience in a setting that is aligned with your career ambitions. Our tutors and programme management team will help you secure a suitable work placement during your studies and this placement can be in your locality to reduce travel and time spent in Dublin

Level 6 Major Award in Early Years Care and Education

This major award is made up of the following minor awards;

• Early Learning Environment - 15 credits

• Early Childhood Literacy & Numeracy - 15 credits

• Early Childhood Arts and Culture - 15 credits

• Work Experience - 15 credits

• Child Development - 15 credits

• Early Childhood Curriculum - 15 credits

• Childhood social, Legal & Health Issues - 15 credits

• Personal & Professional Development - 15 credits

Course price €4896

Protection for Learners €196

Payment - 40% of course fees due upon acceptance, balance and protection for learners fee due on 28th August 2019.

Easy Payment Plan

Acceptance of place - 40% = €2,076

Balance in to 3 instalments of 20% equal to €1,038 due 28th August, 28th November & 28th January 2020.

Instalment fee  payable - €295 spread across 4 payments, included in figures detailed above

Protection for learner fees are due on 28th August 2019

Please note places on this course are only confirmed once the deposit of tuition fees has been received.


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We are delighted to share just some of the success stories from happy graduates reaching their ultimate goals across Montessori. 


Halima Ansari   Gianluca Marangon


Joan has been successfully running her own Montessori School since the completion of her studies at Portobello Institute

Deciding to study at Portobello Institute was one of the best career decisions I have made with the second best decision was to open my own Montessori school. Full story.

Joan Horgan

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Three days per week on site, two days per week on placement
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