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The Lash & Brows Technician - Part time

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ITEC Level 2 Certificate


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The Lash & Brows Technician - Part time

This short intensive course for the Lash & Brow Technician covers the skills and techniques needed to create flawless lashes and brows. Each day is focused on delivering the skills and theoretical knowledge to achieve the ITEC Level 2 Certificate in Eyebrow Treatments & Eyelash Enhancements. Participants learn how to expertly apply individual eyelash enhancements to create a fuller lash for clients while ensuring they also understand client consultation and the aftercare. Lash Lift and Tinting are the focus of Day 2 of this programme whilst working on eyebrow shaping, tinting and threading are all covered in detail during the remaining 2 days.

This programme is ideal for anyone seeking to gain employment as a brow and lash technician or seeking to set up their own mobile service. Graduates are eligible for insurance through AIT as a result of the ITEC award available upon successful completion of this course.

ITEC Level 2 Certificate in Eyebrow Treatments and Eyelash Enhancements - Optional certification, additional exam fee of £95stg

Entry to this course is direct entry with the college. There are no previous academic requirements.

This is a short intensive course of 3 days. There is a further day for pre-assessments for those undertaking the ITEC examinations

Day 1: Eyelash Enhancements 

Day 2: Lash Lift and Tinting 

Day 3: Eyebrow Shaping, Tinting and Threading 

Eyelash Extension Training -
•         Health, safety and hygiene
•         Aftercare advice
•         Consultation techniques
•         Contraindications
•         How to apply individual eyelashes extensions
•         Maintenance procedure
•         How to remove individual eyelashes extensions

Lash Lift & Eyelash Tinting -
•    Client preparation
•    Consultation skills
•    Product information and usage guidance
•    Eye and eyelash anatomy
•    Contra-actions and contraindications
•    Health and safety procedures
•    Procedural steps for Lash Lift and Eyelash Tinting, including best practice techniques, hints and tips
•    Health, safety and hygiene
•    Consultation techniques
•    Contraindications
•    Eyebrow tinting
•    Trimming of brows to enhance shape and definition
•    Eyebrow shaping using tweezers

Course price €349

Optional ITEC Exam Fee - £95stg optional

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Course Code Location & Info Price
BLBE-P-DS-OCT1-19 Portobello Institute, Dublin 1

1st - 4th October
Tuesday - Friday, 9.30am- 4.30pm
€349 Book Now
BLBE-I-DS-OCT-19 Portobello Institute, Dublin 1

25/10/19 - 27/10/2019
Friday to Sunday, 9.30am - 4.30pm
€349 Book Now
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