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Fashion Design - Part Time

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Approx 3 months


QQI Level 5

Fashion Design - Part Time

A fashion designer is responsible for creating the specific look of individual garments-including a garment's shape, colour, fabric, trimmings, and other aspects of the whole. The fashion designer begins with an idea of how a garment should look, turns that idea into a design (such as a sketch), and then creates a pattern and from there creates through garment cutting and sewing. The category of fashion designer includes people at different levels of the fashion business, from well-known couturiers, to anonymous designers working for commercial ready-to-wear houses, to stylists who might make only small modifications in existing designs to entrepreneurs developing their own labels. Fashion designers hold a special place in the world. Their talent and vision not only play a major role in how people look, but they have also made important contributions to the cultural and social environment.

This course will give you the essential tools to be able to create, design and make fashion pieces from start to finish.

QQI  Level 5 Design Skills

QQI Level 5 Pattern Cutting

QQI Level 5 Garment Construction

This course is by direct entry. There are no previous academic requirements.

This a part-time courses delivered over 30 weeks. Each modules takes 10 weeks.  You may enroll for all 3 modules or you can study individual modules.

Module A - QQI Level 5 Fashion Design Skills (5N0784)

1 Explore the design process 

 2 Outline the appropriate strategies to respond to a design brief

 3 Explain the inter-relationships between those involved in a design process - the client, the designer, the maker and the user

 4 Explain the purpose and the role of the tools, materials and technologies relevant to a design spec. 

5 Engage in a design process from briefing, through research and development, to presentation and execution

 6 Interpret a design brief in terms of with reference to a target audience, budget and deadlines

 7 Research a design brief by collecting, selecting and collating primary and secondary source materials


Module B - QQI Level 5 Pattern Drafting (5N1303)

1.Explain the concepts of body measurements and sizing and how these relate to the drafting of blocks

 2 Explain the tools, materials and processes used to draft a range of basic blocks

 3 Outline the drafting techniques used to convert a range of blocks into basic flat patterns 

4 Explore the implications of fabric choice in the selection of blocks and in the drafting of patterns

 5 Utilise appropriate tools and techniques required to draft blocks and patterns

 6 Translate a design sketch and or working drawing into an appropriate pattern 

7 Produce a pattern lay

 8 Draft accurate blocks and patterns with all necessary information included 

9 Plan and execute a block and pattern with some guidance


Module C- QQI level 5 Garment Construction (5N1276)

1.Outline the processes involved in garment construction

 2 Explain the importance of producing a toile and sewing samples prior to the construction of a garment 

3 Explain the factors that affect the selection and use of various fabrics and linings for use in garment construction

 4 Use cutting, sewing and pressing skills appropriate to a range of fabric types 

5 Use a range of cutting, sewing and pressing tools during the construction process 2 

6 Select appropriate fusings, interfacings, buttons, zips, trims for the garments being constructed

 7 Use various pattern lays 8 Plan and execute the construction of garments within a timeframe under guidance





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