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IWFM Level 3 Diploma

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8 - 10 Months




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Start Date

Start Date
April 2020

IWFM Level 3 Diploma

Who is this programme for?

The IWFM level 3 qualification is aimed at those starting out on the career and knowledge path of FM. This programme is also suitable for first-line managers and supervisors seeking to develop their skills and gain a recognised FM qualification.

Aims of the Programme

  • The learning outcomes for this programme include:

  • Understanding facilities management within the context of an organisation

  • Managing and developing relationships in the workplace

  • Delivering service in the workplace

  • Managing and maintaining property and assets

  • Working with costs and budgets in an FM environment

  • Understanding the role of leadership and management in the FM context

Assessment Criteria

Practical assessment tasks that are work-based, reflecting live business projects and activities are the core assessment techniques used for this qualification.


Students can progress their studies in FM or complement their qualifications with energy and waste management qualifications. All of these programmes are available through the CME. IWFM Level 4 in Facilities Management CME Level 1 Certificate in Energy Management CME Level 1 Certificate in Waste Management

IWFM Level 3 Diploma in Facilities Management

No previous FM experience required.

The IWFM level 3 programme is available to study through part-time tuition. It is delivered over evening and day sessions. There is an induction Workshop, held on an evening prior to the start of the programme.  The programme runs all year, with a break in the month of December, and classes are scaled back to generally 1 full day session during the months of July and August.

Life Cycle, cost analysis, value engineering, security preparedness; these are only a few of the range of facilities issues confronting many organisations today. The IWFM level 3 qualification introduces the participant to the concepts of facilities management, developing the learners ability to identify and use relevant understanding, methods and skills to facilitate the competent completion of tasks and addressing of problems. It takes approx 9-10 months to complete the course. 

  • Introduction to Facilities Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability in FM
  • Customer and Stakeholder Relations in FM Operations
  • Specification and Procurement of Facilities Supplies and Services
  • Manage operational performance in FM
  • Budget Management of FM Operations
  • Health and Safety Responsibilities in FM
  • Project Management within FM Operations
  • Understanding FM within the Context of the Organisation
  • Building Maintenance in Facilities Management

Course price is €2995

IWFM assessment fee: €235


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Course Code Location & Info Price
FMB3-P-DS-AP-20 Portobello Institute, Dublin 1

07.04.20 – 28.11.20
Ten Saturdays, 6 Tuesday evenings plus one induction workshop (Monday evening)
€4315 Book Now
FMB3-P-DS-MY-20 Portobello Institute, Dublin 1

16.05.20 – 26.01.21
Ten Saturdays, 6 Tuesday evenings plus one induction workshop (Monday evening)
€4315 Book Now
FMB3-P-DS-JL-20 Portobello Institute, Dublin 1

11.07.20 – 27.02.21
Ten Saturdays, 6 Tuesday evenings plus one induction workshop (Monday evening)
€4315 Book Now
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