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Child Protection - Online Webinar

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Portobello Institute

Start Date

Start Date
August 2020

Child Protection - Online Webinar

The Child Protection in Childcare Services is an online webinar covering the history of Child Protection in Ireland leading to the introduction of Children First Guidelines for Child Protection. It will also explore how to interpret the guidelines and use them to write up the policies and procedures which govern each childcare setting.

What does Webinar & Online learning meaning?

In response to the current Covid-19 shutdown, Portobello Institute has re-designed this course for delivery as an online webinar course. We have extensive experience delivering elearning courses and have the resources that are specifically designed for delivering courses to an elearning audience. Your course will run at a specific time when you will log-on and your tutor will deliver the content over the day with a breaks through-out. You can ask a question at any stage and hear the questions and responses of other students attending this course.



Entry to this course is by direct application to the college. There are no previous academic requirements.

This is an online webinar held on a Saturday from 10am to 4pm.

The history of Child Protection in Ireland and it's implications up to, and including, the introduction of the Children First Guidelines for Child Protection.

Good standard practice in managing any Child Protection issues that may arise in a childcare setting.

How to think about and write comprehensive policies and procedures for your childcare setting.

Course price is €95

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Course Code Location & Info Price
EYPT-O-DS-AU-20 Portobello Institute, Dublin 1

Saturday, 10am to 4pm
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