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BSc (Hons) Sports Psychology, Coaching & PE - Flexible Delivery Mode

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3 Years


Degree Level 8


Awarding Body

Start Date

Start Date
October 2019

BSc (Hons) Sports Psychology, Coaching & PE - Flexible Delivery Mode

The discipline of Sports Psychology has developed over the past few decades to become a distinct sub discipline of general psychology. Sports psychology generally draws from cognitive, motor and emotional theories that have their origins in developmental psychology. Sport psychology is an interdisciplinary science that also draws on knowledge from many related fields including biomechanics, physiology, kinesiology and psychology. It involves the study of how psychological factors affect performance and how participation in sport and exercise affect psychological and physical factors. In addition to instruction and training of psychological skills for performance improvement, applied sport psychology may include work with athletes, coaches, parents regarding injury, rehabilitation, communication, team building and career transitions. 

This degree is available to study full-time or through a flexible delivery mode. This mode combines contact tuition and online learning with supported seminars held over the weekend. This flexible learning option gives mature students and those working full-time, the opportunity to access this degree qualification that can lead to a career as a sports scientist in the area of performance analysis. This programme is delivered over 3 acdemic years each 8 months in duration. There are between 4 and 5 modules per academic year. Each module commences with a tutorial designed to support students progress through the module with a revision seminar held at the end of the academic year. A tutor is assigned to each student, for each module, with allocated one to one support time available. There is also a full-time programme manager available to offer students support during their learning journey.

From a physical performance perspective, sports psychologist work with athletes and coaches to develop understanding and control of an athletes zone of optimal functioning and develop tools and skills so that athletes can control their arousal levels. Although anxiety or stress are often believed to a negative thing, they are actually a necessary response for the body to survive. It is natural for the body to exhibit certain levels of anxiety and stress, however, it becomes a problem when it begins to inhibit activity. Arousal is the physiological and psychological activation of the body in response to an event. Trait anxiety exists in an individual when they experience unusually high response levels to a wide spread of situations that are not threatening. State anxiety is the momentary feeling of nervousness or worry that accompanies the arousal of the body. Sports psychologists often work on psycho-educational interventions to enhance athlete autonomy and understanding of their mood-states and physical reactions to provide more control pre-performance, ultimately leading to enhanced performance. In addition, sports psychologists work with athletes to navigate the difficult road blocks that may accompany their journey to success, for example, coping with poor performance, attributional techniques for performance review and constructive planning to ensure a growth mindset is embedded as an essential precursor to continued performance development. 


As part of the BSc Sport Psychology, coaching and education degree, students explore general psychological theories (e.g. personality, self-efficacy) and develop applied interventional skills to be used in practical settings with individuals or teams. Students progressively build the knowledge and skills needed to perform needs analysis, complete rigorous critical review of evidence based best practices, develop interventional strategies, implement and assess these strategies and report back to multi-disciplinary team members.  

The principal aim of this course is educate students, from a wide variety of backgrounds, to their full potential at graduate level in the sports sciences. The development of potential is viewed as comprising both subject-specific knowledge, as well as a range of transferable skills. The course is designed for those students considering entering professions within the sport, exercise and health industries. Students study a range of modules including sport psychology and coaching alongside other important sports science disciplines. Modules such as Principles of Effective Coaching and Sport Psychology and the Elite Athlete equip students with practical skills and theoretical knowledge pertinent to effective practice in sport psychology coaching and teaching.

Course aims

The teaching and learning strategies applied in this BSc aim to:
● further stimulate the student’s interest in and develop skills within sport psychology, coaching and physical education at BSc level
● apply knowledge of scientific concepts pertinent to psychology, coaching and physical education
● promote the student’s self-management of the learning process with a view to future continued professional development

BSc (Hons) Sports Psychology, Coaching & Physical Education

This degree is awarded at level 8



Entry is by direct application to Portobello Institute.

The entry routes are as follows:

Sitting the Leaving Certificate in 2019

Students may apply and be granted a "Conditional Offer" prior to completing the Leaving Certificate.

Step 1 - submit application

Step 2 - Attend Interview

Step 3 - Conditional Offer issued on the basis of successful achievement of LC requirements

Step 4 - Confirm acceptance of a place and pay deposit as detailed

Places can not be held open for applicants awaiting leaving certificate results, however should a student accept a place and then choose not to progress with this course, after first round CAO offers have been made, a refund of 75% of fees paid will be made. Refunds must be requested in writing on or before 23rd August 2019.

With a Leaving Certificate;

Minimum of grade C or O6 in ordinary level Biology*, English and Maths with a pass in 3 other subjects.

*Students applying without LC Biology may complete QQI level 5 in Anatomy & Physiology, as a distance learning course, with Portobello Institute to compensate.


Without the required Leaving Certificate;

Applicants should meet one of the following criteria;

QQI level 5 major award containing a biology subject

ITEC level 2 award containing anatomy & physiology

An undergraduate degree in another subject

QQI Level 5 Anatomy & Physiology - available through Portobello Institute

Mature entry at 21 years without meeting the above criteria

Equivalent qualifications with biology/anatomy & physiology module


Application Process

Step 1 - Complete the online booking form.

Step 2 - Applicants will be contacted for confirmation of the entry criteria

Step 3  - Confirmation of a place will be given to applicants immediately meeting the criteria.


Applicants who do not meet the criteria, maybe required to attend an interview with an offer of a place on the programme issued following assessment of suitability. Applicants confirm acceptance of offer by returning acceptance form.

Please note places on this course are only confirmed once tuition fees have been received.

Students will be registered as an undergraduate degree student  with London  Metropolitan University.

This is a flexible delivery programme with online learning and supported seminars at weekends over 3 academic years.

Year 1 - 05/10/19 - 23/05/20

An exact schedule of weekends will be released here on 07/06/19.

Each module commences with a supported seminar the purpose of which is to intoduce the module tutor, set out the learning outcomes, content, the assessment strategy and expectations for skills/knowledge development. To complete this course, students must have a basic knowledge of using a computer and searching the internet for research purposes.

Foundation of Sports Psychology
Sports Science Research Skills
Human Physiology & Training Principles
Sports Anatomy & Biomechanics
Psychological Factors of Individuals & Teams
Principles of Effective Coaching
Contemporary Issues in Sport
Biomechanics & Human Movement
Sport Psychology of the Elite Athlete
Business Development

Learning outcomes

On completing the course the student will be able to:

●Demonstrate an understanding of practical skills relating to work as a sport psychologist, coach, teacher and sports scientist
●Critically evaluate the principles and limitations of measurement and assessment strategies in sport, exercise and physical education
●Propose appropriate methodologies for a variety of measurements in sport, exercise and physical education
●Facilitate the enhancement of sporting performance through effective coaching and teaching

Course price €4,795 per academic year

Exam fee £220 per academic year - due at start of academic year

Easy Payment Scheme:

Deposit of €1,200, 6 monthly payments of €633 per month payable by debit/credit card on 5th of each month, commencing month after the academic year commences. Total payable is €4,998 per academic year

Please note if you  wish to pay by instalment, contact our enrolments department on 01-8920041 as our website can only process full payment.

Places are not confirmed until initial tuition fee is received by Portobello Institute.


01 892 0041

Course Progression

This course is designed to provide a broad foundational undergraduate education in sports science with a heavy emphasis on the Psychology of Sport. The course will equip students to progress on to further education in sports psychology, physiology or coaching. Provided as part of the designated employability modules at each level. A number of employer and alumni led career events are organised by the School and each Cluster Group.   The transferable skills developed throughout the course are relevant to all forms of employment. The degree is particularly suited to students planning a career within the sport, exercise and health industries.  Employment opportunities lie in both the public and private sectors.  

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Course Code Location & Info Price
SPCB-B-DS-OC-19 Portobello Institute, Dublin 1

Weekend seminars are held on Saturday and Sunday, 9.30am - 4.30pm. Exact Schedule under Course Structure
€4795 Book Now
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