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BSc (Hons) Sports Performance Analysis - Full Time

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3 Years


Degree Level 8


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Start Date
October 2019

BSc (Hons) Sports Performance Analysis - Full Time

Sports technology is a rapidly growing market with many of the top international sports technology companies having their headquarters in Ireland (Stats Sport, Kitman Labs, Orreco, STAT, Performa Sport). Currently, academic institutes develop sports graduates with skills to use lab-based technology and analyse data in academic settings to meet academic and publication demands. In contrast, professional sports teams employ skilled data scientists, sports scientists and GPS technicians to manage the data they gather and analyse to manage the development of their athletes. Knowledge and experience working with technology and proficiency in practical sports data analysis for information coach selection, injury risk identification and training programme effectiveness is an essential requirement for sports science graduates hoping to gain employment within professional sports or governing body settings.  Currently, qualification in performance analysis is only available at MSc level in Ireland.

Practical Skills Development - Internship Programme

The principal aim of this course is to educate students, from a wide variety of backgrounds, to their full potential at graduate level. The development of potential is viewed as comprising both subject-specific knowledge, as well as a range of transferable practical skills.

The course is designed for those students considering entering employment in sports technology or professional performance sports science and therefore graduates need to be able to apply their knowledge in a sports setting immediately. Portobello Institute has built excellent links with sports technology companies and performance sport domains to allow all students experience a practical-based placement as part of their course.Those who have availablity, have the opportunity to participate further on the internship programme with sports technology companies and professional sports governing bodies.


The Role of Performance Analysis in Sport - Dr Susan Giblin, Programme Director at Portobello Institute.

"There has been an interesting trend in the sports industry over the past decade. An upsurge in technology has led to data being collected and analysed pervasive, starting with sabermetrics in Baseball and the draft combines in NFL assessment - analysis is now becoming the focus of identifying and selecting top performers in sport. 

The GAA is no exception, the introduction of data analysis in the form of video performance analysis and GPS monitoring in training and competition has changed the orientation of spectator discussion and coach review. Unfortunately however, the introduction of technology and data analysis has not lead to any tangible changes in either performance enhancement or injury reduction. Largely this is due to the technology leading the sports scientists and not vice versa.  

Sports support professionals have been at the mercy of the technology trend with pressure being put on to use the latest and greatest sports kit, often regardless of the relevance to performance enhancement or injury prevention.  The real value in performance enhancement or injury prevention will come when this trend can be reversed, with sports scientists, psychologists, coaches, rehabilitation specialists (i.e. the domain experts) informing the data analysts and sports tech industry what matters and what should be measured.  

In July 2018, we secured validation from London Metropolitan University to award a BSc at level 8 that is designed to develop the next generation of sports scientists. This degree was developed in response to the evolving demands of the sport science and technology industry. Sports technology is a rapidly growing market with many of the top international sports technology companies having their headquarters in Ireland. There is a real demand for skilled graduates to meet the demands of this growing sector in Ireland. Our programme  provides a very applied focus on developing the skills and experience working with and implementing interventions based on biomechanical analysis, performance analysis and GPS data analysis. 

I believe practical skills are an essential part of becoming a competent applied practitioner. To continue to promote practitioner competency development within our students, we have invested in our sports facility. with BlkBox Fitness working with us to construct our new sports facilities. BlkBox Fitness are renowned for their gym facility construction and equipment provision. BlkBox Fitness have kitted out many of Ireland’s top facilities, including the gym at Santry Sports Surgery, Dublin GAA, as well as facilities throughout the UK (e.g. Everton Football Club). Throughout 2018 our students have continued to collaborate on research projects with DCU MedEx programme, researching the use of exercise intervention and prescription for cancer survivors. In addition, our degree programme students avail of the Human Performance Lab facilities to complete their physiology lab work components. This collaboration has provided students access to a state of the art human performance physiology lab and experience in completing laboratory based testing and reporting procedures for VO2 max testing, phlebotomy and cardiorespiratory testing that forms an important part of both clinical exercise physiology for working with elite level sports performers. 

I have extensive experience working in this field and I conducted the industry consultations with the leading sports technology companies during the development process of this degree. The feedback was unanimous - sports scientists with a comprehensive understanding of all areas of performance analysis and can practically implement that knowledge - they will be highly sought after and immediately employable.

The content of this degree is at the cutting edge of sports science. It is aimed to develop the sports scientist for today and tomorrow who can take advantage of technology to enhance elite performance. In my opinion, it is the practical skills our students acquire together with the specific focus on performance analysis that sets them apart from other sports science graduates" 

BSc (Hons) in Sports Performance Analysis

This degree is awarded at level 8.


Entry is by direct application to Portobello Institute.

The entry routes are as follows:

Sitting the Leaving Certificate in 2019

Students may apply and be granted a "Conditional Offer" prior to completing the Leaving Certificate.

Step 1 - submit application

Step 2 - Attend Interview

Step 3 - Conditional Offer issued on the basis of successful achievement of LC requirements

Step 4 - Confirm acceptance of a place and pay deposit as detailed

Places can not be held open for applicants awaiting leaving certificate results, however should a student accept a place and then choose not to progress with this course, after first round CAO offers have been made, a refund of 75% of fees paid will be made. Refunds must be requested in writing on or before 23rd August 2019.

With a Leaving Certificate;

Minimum of grade C or O6 in ordinary level Biology*, English and Maths with a pass in 3 other subjects.

*Students applying without LC Biology may complete QQI level 5 in Anatomy & Physiology, as a distance learning course, with Portobello Institute to compensate.


Without the required Leaving Certificate, students should meet one of the following criteria;

QQI level 5 major award containing a biology subject

ITEC level 2 award containing anatomy & physiology

An undergraduate degree in another subject

QQI Level 5 Anatomy & Physiology - available through Portobello Institute

Mature entry at 21 years without meeting the above criteria

Equivalent qualifications with biology/anatomy & physiology module


Application Process

Step 1 - Complete the online booking form.

Step 2 - Applicants will be contacted for confirmation of the entry criteria

Step 3  - Confirmation of a place will be given to applicants immediately meeting the criteria.


Applicants who do not meet the criteria, maybe required to attend an interview with an offer of a place on the programme issued following assessment of suitability. Applicants confirm acceptance of offer by returning acceptance form.

Please note places on this course are only confirmed once tuition fees have been received.

Students will be registered as an undergraduate degree student  with London  Metropolitan University.

This is a full-time course delivered efficiently over 2-3 days per week for 3 academic  years.

The academic year runs from October - June with 2 semesters.

Year 1 (Level 6)

Human Anatomy & Biomechanics - 30 credits

Human Physiology & Training Principles - 30 credits

Foundations of Sports Psychology & Coaching - 30 credits

Sports Science Research Methods - 30 credits

Year 2  (Level 7)

Analysis for Team & Individual Sports - 15 credits

Applied Principles of Strength & Conditioning - 15 credits

Biomechanics and Control of Human Movement - 15 credits

Sports & Exercise Physiology - 30 credits

Sports Science Research Methods - 30 credits

Year 3  (Level 8)

Advanced Analysis for Sports Performance - 30 credits

Sports Psychology & the Elite Athlete - 30 credits

Advanced biomechanics - 15 credits

Sports Performance Analysis Dissertation - 30 credits

Work Placement during year 2 & 3

Course price is €5995 per year.

Exam registration fee is £220

Fees are payable as follows:

40% of tuition fee due upon acceptance of an offer of a place, balance and exam registration fees are due 1st September.

Places are not confirmed until tuition fees are paid.

Easy Payment Plan

40% of tuition fee due upon acceptance of an offer of a place

20% due 28th August, 28th November, 28th January

Instalment fee payable - €295 spread over the 4 scheduled payments

Places are not confirmed until initial tuition fee is received by Portobello Institute.


01 8920041


Course Progression

The purpose of the programme is to equip students with the practical analytical skills needed to work within sports technology companies and software providers or in practical Professional Sports settings either in Ireland, Europe, USA or Australia.

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Course Code Location & Info Price
SPAD-F-DS-OC-19 Portobello Institute, Dublin 1

Times vary in accordance with schedule
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