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Make Up Artists are becoming more and more in demand in the Irish and International Entertainment and Cosmetic industries. Portobello Institute's Make Up Artistry courses combine the technical skill set required with internationally recognised rewards, to give you the opportunity to work in the many challenging aspects and the diverse world of Make Up Artists.

Qualifications Gained

  • ITEC Diploma in Fashion, Theatre & Media Make Up
  • Portobello Institute Higher Diploma in Make Up Artistry
  • Portobello Certificate in Camouflage Make Up

Entry Requirements

Entry to this course is by direct application to the college. Acceptance to Full Time courses is interview based, there are no specific points requirements. At the interview, we are seeking the character and traits required to work with people and make up and a genuine interest in the industry.

Student Stories

Ciara O' Toole shares her journey! She was fortunate to secure a job before she even finished her course in May. Wow! From the age of thirteen the passion to become a makeup artist started to play on Ciara’s mind and how she could possibly make this her dream job. “I found myself becoming totally obsessed with makeup. I started to consider it as a career when I was sixteen and I completed a 4 week course with a cosmetic brand and I loved it. I was buzzing to go back each week and I knew then that makeup artistry was what I had to do”.   My advice to anybody looking to do a course in makeup artistry is to really research every course before you pick one and see exactly what qualifications you will gain. I chose Portobello Institute after attending an open day. I also spoke with a past graduate. One of the main reasons I chose Portobello was because they run ITEC courses which are recognised Internationally in 44 countries.   See Ciara's full journey here.

Sophie Kelly shares her journey! My make-up skills have greatly improved. Before I came to Portobello Institute my skills were ok but  I kept my make-up quite simple and natural. I never tried anything new or adventurous. I only ever did my mothers make-up as I was too afraid to do looks on anyone else.  Even at the beginning I really doubted myself and compared myself a lot to others thinking I could never be that talented. However, with the guidance and reassurance from my tutors and peers this slowly stared to change. Once I started to believe I could do it I became more adventurous and experimented with lots of different colours. I worked so hard to improve my skills each time I did a look. I still sometimes doubt myself and criticise my work but now that's because I strive for perfection. See Sophie's full journey here.


Autumn 2018 Entry

We are accepting applications from students seeking to apply and secure their place early for 2018. An interview day will be held on Saturday 25th November 2017 for early applicants. Places offered to successful candidates will be available until 15th December 2017.

Course Structure

The course is primarily a practical course and the majority of your day will be spent practicing the skills required to be a successful makeup artist in the college's make-up studios.

Course Content Modules

    1. Unit 10 - Facial Make Up
      This is an exciting foundation module of make up artistry. You will learn face, lip and eye shades, skin tones, how to prepare the skin for makeup and basic make up techniques.
    2. Unit 41 - Fashion Theatre & Media Make Up
      This module is exclusively tailored to cover every aspect of Fashion, Theatre, TV, Film & Special Effects Make up. You will create makeup looks for catalogue, portrait, catwalk & black and white. You will also create makeup looks for the theatre to include highlighting & shading, waterproofing & body make up. To prepare you to work as a make up artist in TV & Film you will learn costume & co-ordinating make-up & hair, period make up, false hair, production & script requirements.
    3. Unit 42 - Special Effects
      The addition of the special effects module provides the student with the ability to work in specialised areas of Theatre, TV & Film. This course provides tuition in creating fantasy characters using crepe hair application, construction and application of bald caps, blocking out of eyebrows, wigs costumes and prosthetics. In addition, the module will develop your fashion eye, allowing you to design cutting edge fashion looks for catwalk and editorial work - with ease & confidence.
    4. Portfolio Presentation
      As a make up artist your portfolio is the tool that will sell your skills to a potential employer. It is very important that your portfolio is presented in a professional yet original manner. We assist and guide you through the techniques required to prepare a portfolio to a high standard.
    5. Hair Styling & Wigs
      This module is essential to complement your Make Up skills. The module will cover hair tips, techniques and theory, upstyling and high fashion, curling, pleating, straightening, period hair from the 1900's to 1980's and also fantasy and character hair.
    6. Remedial Camouflage Make Up
      On a day-to-day basis, many people are affected by skin conditions like undereye circles, spider veins, rosacea, scars, birthmarks, facial disfigurements and on the increase; plastic surgery work and tattoos. They often seek the advice of Remedial Camouflage Professionals to help with the correction, concealment and contouring of their facial and skin problems. This module will provide students with the application techniques and skill set to assist people to live as normal as life as they can.
    7. Digital Photography
      On this module you will spend some time taking photographs for your portfolio. This is a short module and will give you an introduction into the language of digital photography. You will learn the mechanics of digital cameras, the art of good photographic composition, how to download onto your personal computer and printing styles and choices.
    8. Field Trips
      In order that you can gain some experience working as a make-up artist we re-create some of the settings through field trips. The field trips occur throughout the year and all students are encouraged to attend. Examples of some field trips undertaken are The International Make Up Artistry Show (IMAT) in London, The Hair Show, Professional Beauty
    9. Contextual Studies
      This module allows you to understand the historical background to period make up and costume and fashion trends of the day. You will do research work to develop creative concepts from all available resources. You will learn about theatrical, film and TV character make up tips and techniques as well as script breakdown and set ethics. You will also learn self presentation skills (role playing).

Materials Required

It takes time to build the kit of a professional make-up artist. Lots of trial and error with products from all brands - a glance into any professional make-up artist’s kit will show not just one brand but a range of brands and products. For this reason, we don’t recommend students to buy a complete and expensive kit from one main brand. Instead we offer you guidance on how to build your kit with the best products and brushes to do that specific look rather than a one brand fits all approach. We advise you to build your kit over time, trialling different products, ranges, and brushes to find the ones that best suit your creative looks.The Portobello Institute student card along with a letter will also allow you to avail of special discounts on different product ranges.


Read all about some of the amazing and dedicated tutors we have teaching on our make up courses here!



Name: Make Up Artist Year 1

Cost: 4995 Euro

To Book this course, please make a payment of 50 Euro deposit using the Book Now button. Please read and understand both the Terms of Enrolment and Course Payment Information before paying for your course. Details of all our policies as well as refunds, cancellations, installment options and how to pay offline are contained in these two important documents.

Course CodePrice and LocationInfo
Portobello Institute, Dublin 1
  • 15/10/18 - 05/05/19
  • Start/end times will vary from day to day

Additional Course Costs

Please read Course Payment Information for full details as to when you will make these additional course payments.

  • Itec exam fee: £295
  • Make Up kit required: Costs TBC