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Make great savings when you book onto these two courses at the same time

Child Psychology

Applied Child and Adolescent Development

Usual price when booking these two courses separately would be €1,290 when booked together the cost is €1,199, a discount of €91!

Course Structure

The course would run over 2 evenings per week

Class Sizes

We are committed to ensuring you gain the most, academically and personally, during your study time with Portobello. To facilitate this, we limit our class sizes to a maximum of 14 students on part-time programmes. With these uniquely small classes, we create the environment for you get to know everyone in your group, you can then feel comfortable and confident to ask questions and our tutors have the time to attend to the needs of each and every student. Many of our students tell us of the lifelong friendships they have made during their study time with Portobello.


Name: Course combo - Child Psychology & Applied Child and Adolescent Development

Cost: 1199 Euro

To Book this course, please make a full course payment using the Book Now button. Please read and understand both the Terms of Enrolment and Course Payment Information before paying for your course. Details of all our policies as well as refunds, cancellations, installment options and how to pay offline are contained in these two important documents.

Course CodePrice and LocationInfo
Portobello Institute, Dublin 1
  • 10/10/17 - 13/12/17
  • Tues & Wed 6.30-9.30pm