With the explosion of “The Internet of Things”, marketing and selling products and services using digital technologies is now a must for any business, large or small. The internet allows for a wider reach and for businesses to suddenly sell in markets never previously considered. Understanding how to utilise the various platforms from mobile technologies, to search engine optimisation, adwords and social media planning are now necessary skills not just for the marketing department but also for any business owner. This programme equips the participant with the knowledge and practical skills to develop and execute a digital marketing strategy using a range of e-tools.

Qualification Gained

QQI Level 5 Minor Award in Digital Marketing (5N1364)

Entry Requirements

Entry to this course is by direct application to the college. There are no previous academic requirements.

Class Sizes

We are committed to ensuring you gain the most, academically and personally, during your study time with Portobello.  To facilitate this, we limit our class sizes to a maximum of 14 students on part-time programmes. With these uniquely small classes, we create the environment for you get to know everyone in your group, you can then feel comfortable and confident to ask questions and our tutors have the time to attend to the needs of each and every student. Many of our students tell us of the lifelong friendships they have made during their study time with Portobello.

Course Structure

1 evening a week for 10 weeks

Course Content

•    Evaluating the market opportunity, market size and segments, customer behaviour and potential target markets
•    Understand the unique characteristics of the web as a marketing medium and differentiate from traditional marketing to digital marketing
•    The integration of digital marketing strategies into traditional marketing plan
•    Analysis, development, implementation and control of digital marketing strategies
•    Strengths and weaknesses of e-tools including social media, blogs, rich media, email marketing, search engine optimization, online advertising
•    Develop from inception to completion a digital marketing campaign using a range of e-tools
•    Analyse the effectiveness of a digital marketing campaign using analytical e-tools to include web analytics, social media monitoring, and social bookmarking

Further Study

This module is part of the QQI Level 5 Major Award (5M2102) in Business Studies and contributes 15 credits towards achieving this award.  Learners can study this programme as a single award or can use it towards the 120 credits required for a level 5 or level 6 major award. Learners may only use this module towards a level 6 Major Award provided it is the only level 5 module being used.

Special Offers

This programme can be booked as part of a course combo with other Business Management or with any of the other business modules commencing in 2018.  There are reductions in tuition fees available when booking more than 1 module at a time.  Please contact Teri Chamberlain on 01 - 890 0042 or email teri.chamberlain@portobelloinstitute.ie for further details of the offers and study options available.


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