Do you want to learn what suits your shape best but hate shopping?  Do you have lots of makeup product but dont' really know how to apply it?  This is the case with many of us, so in response to this Portobello Institute set about offering 3 hour workshops in Personal Styling and Makeup and the feedback has been great.

"When I arrived for the Makeup Masterclass, I wondered if I should actually be in the Makeup session for dummies class.  The instructor Avril and her lovely assistant Ciara totally put me at my ease though.  We had a 3 hour session, about half of which was Avril going through the basics of how to apply various product.  The second half of the session we practiced on ourselves.  Avril and Ciara circulated around the studio helping us and answering questions and gently but firmly critiquing our technique.  I really enjoyed it.  Avril has great communication skills and knows how to explain clearly  the what, why, when and how of her trade.  Great stuff" Hazel M

"I was really happy with all the information I got from the Styling workshop - so much so I hit the shops the next day.  I can't believe the difference it has made to buying correctly to my body shape and colours.  I came home with things I would never have bought before"  Lorna Allen