An early riser or a night rider you will need to be forever flexible and perfectly groomed whether it’s a 6am or 11pm start.

Duty begins prior to flight departure. Pre-flight briefing sets individual roles and responsibilities while covering health and safety in detail for the flight ahead. Safety is always number the one priority with all crew members trained to the highest standards.

On the aircraft you will have your assigned duties, conduct all health and safety checks and work as a team to ensure the aircraft is prepared before boarding. 

Then it’s time to welcome passengers on board the flight, and help them to locate their seats and store luggage quickly to ensure a smooth flow for all passengers boarding.

After take-off you will take care of in-flight services until you welcome your passengers to their destination.  

Each and every flight will bring together a new team of people, a new aircraft, and a new destination together with a new set of passengers.

An ever-dynamic profession, that offers countless daily challenges, together with great rewards and opportunity. With every city in the world within reach you could be flying high!

Do you dream about starting your day in one city and ending in another?  Portobello Institute offer cabin crew training as part-time and intensive study options. For more information call Teri on 01 8920042 or email