Waste management is the steps and policies taken to manage waste in an ethical manner in line with regulation.  In order to achieve this waste needs to be managed from creation to final disposal. The processes include development, transportation, recycling, any treatments or changes and disposal of waste. 

Over the last 20 years, Ireland’s waste management regulations have become more complex and subject to ongoing change. This changes are driven by EU and national legislation and the urgent requirement to reduce Ireland’s carbon footprint. These complex regulations have had a direct impact on organisations waste management practices to all sectors, public and private.

Waste reduction and environmental protection is now an important element in how every organisation sets out their plan for waste management. Decisions including waste minimisation, maximising recycling, treatment and disposal must be taken in line with specific regulation.

Key to a successful waste management plan is continued consideration for sustainability in every day working decisions.  This involves creating employee awareness through training and understanding the duty of care required when dealing with waste. 

Portobello Institute offer six week programmes for managers, supervisors and or individuals who are currently, or aspire to be, responsible for waste management. The Waste Management programme demonstrates the practical steps to developing and implementing a waste management plan in a workplace.  This plan will involve the application of each step through the life-cycle of the product while remaining in line with current legislation and regulations.

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