There are many obstacles facing people with intellectual disabilities including communication.  Sign language aids the gap for communication between adults and children giving both parties a tool in which to understand each other and form a converstaion.  LAMH is an Irish sign language which has been around since the 80's and has proved to be an invaluable asset to parents with children to have hearing or intellectual disabilities.  LAMH is taught at St Michaeals House and this week a representative from the organisation took the time to deliver a guest lecture to our Childcare and Special Needs students informing them of this advantageous form of signing with young children.  The simple signs in LAMH were developed to allow practitioners and families to communcate with their children until the child learns to speak.  Many preschoolers find it is an excellent tool within thier settings for children with lots of different learning delays.  Signs can be used a primary method of communication.  Many LAMH signs have been adapted from Irish Sign Language (ISL).  However, LAMH uses a smaller number of signs than ISL and the hand positions are complex.  Many of our students who go on to work with children with intellectual disabilities will find LAMH a fundemental tool when working in this sector.