Setting up a business can be a tough but rewarding project to undertake.  Planning and management is key so with this in mind the Business management students have been set a project to put together a profitable and new and innovative business idea.  On 12th May Portobello Institute will host their own verion of the popular hit TV show Dragons Den.  Eaach student must prepare and pitch an idea to our own selected 'Dragons' - head of the business department Cait Barden, Tutor Kimberley Dume Fleming and a nominated student.  Each Dragon has €100,000 to invest.

Each student has 5 minutes to present their business idea to the Dragons.  Their Business plan and presentation must include;

1. An outline of the type of business and its operations

2. Aims/USP of the Business

3. The target market and marketing plan

4. Skills required and staff plan for the business

5. Set up costs and financial forecasts

6. Sources of finance and how much equity you require from the Dragons

This project is a fantastic opportunity for the students to research and experiecne a realistic business planning venture.  It will highlight the fundemental elements required to complete a strategic and profitbale plan while also giving the students to practice their presentation skills in a group environment.