Portobello Institute have a long standing relationship with childrens charity zest4kidz having made trips to Belarus and India in the last few years.  The charity founded by husband and wife team Stuart and Maggie Wilson started in 2006.  Their philosophy is to bring love and attention into the lives of those less fortunate.  The Charity work and support three different areas - child soldiers in Africa, children in slums in the streets in India and children in prisions and ophanages in Eastern Europe.

Portobello Institute begin to work with zest4kidz in 2007 and since then have carried out many trips to Belarus and India.  At the end of last year Denise Flood, Montessori Course Director and a team of tutors visisted a school in Pune, India which the charity fund.  During their time they spent time with the children giving them love and attention that is at times lacking in theiir home environment due to extreme poverty.  Denise and her team also took the time to talk to the teachers of the school about the Montessori way of teaching and how they can intergate children with Special Needs into the classroom environment, which was greaty received as currenly these children are left at home and are missing out on the chance of an education.

On 2nd March, Charity founder Stuart Wilson delivered a guest lecture to the Montessori students and college members about the work planned for 2011 in the various areas and how individuals or the college as a whole can get involved.  The charity has a number of projects scheduled for this year suchs as summer footie camp in Uganda for boys where up to 500 boys aged 4 and up can get involved.  They will also be visiting the orphanages in Belarus in April and again at Christmas.  Additionally the chairty will make a trip to India in March and November.

To find out more about this amazing charity and its hard work visit www.zest4kidz.com