Denise Flood and Sinead Matson from our Montessori and Childcare department were fortunate to visit Pen Green training centre in Northamptonshire in March.  The centre specialises in training and research for the early child years   Their vision is for the research base to be an important resource for those working in the early years field.  In doing so the centre is able to help practicioners and childcare professionals learn and improve their services.

On their visit Denise and Sinead saw first hand the faciltites available for pre schoolers.  There were many ideas that Denise and Sinead took away.  The centre has a fantastic outside area which can be accessed at any time of the day. The childrens coats and wellies are left by the door and they have the freedom to move from the playroom to the outside area giving them independence. The centre has an open door policy so parents can drop by at any time to observe the progress of their child.  The centre also offer a special class for teen mums who may feel alienated from other mums at such a young age.