The sixth annual nationwide Adult Learners Festival takes place next week from 20-24th February.  With over 300 events taking place all arond the country there really is something for everyone.  AONTAS believe that adult learning has a huge role to play in the economic and social future of Ireland.  The Adult Learners Festival ia about Celebrating adult learning and the achievements of adult learners.  Showcasing the work of adult education providers.  Promoting the work of AONTAS and adult education sector.  Ensuring that adult education is placed firmly on the policital agenda.

Portobello Institute are delighted to be a part of the important event and will be offering a session in Play Therapy on 23rd February at our main college, 43 Lower Dominick Stree.   This worshop which is aimed at childcare providers, parents, childminders, teachers and therapists will give the learner an overview on Play Therapy and its benerfits to children in relation to expression and communication.

Children find it difficult to express themselves verbally and so traditioanl therapies can be difficult for them.  Play is a childs natural way of expressing themselves and Play Therapy provides them with an opportunity to 'play out' their thoughts, feelings and problems in a non-direct way, in a safe environment with a caring therapist.  It has been used effectively with children who have an understanding level of a normal three to eight year old, who are distraught due to family problems (e.g. parental divorse, sibling rivalry), bet wetters, aggressive behaviour, social underdevelopment, or victims of child abuse.

Portobello Institute are delighted to have Play Therapist Dearbhail McFarlane delivering a talk to our students and those outside the college with an interest in Play Therapy and its benefits to children.  Dearbhail will do a brief introducy session on what play therapy is and the work of a play therapist is.  She will bring the materials used in a play therapy session allowing the learner to explore these materials.

To book a place on this seassion please email