Do you love sport? Do you dream of turning your passion into a career?

A wide range of career opportunities exist in the sporting world, covering a diverse range of disciplines.  If you are excited about sports and you would like a career in this area, you should consider the list of opportunity provided by Portobello Institute.

Those interested in pursuing a career in sport can choose from coaching, sport psychology, personal training, gym instructor and nutritional advisor to name a few.

Sports coaching concentrates on methods and strategies for training players. It teaches techniques, rules and dynamics of the game, human psychology and physiology.

If you choose a career in sports psychology, you’ll study the influence of psychology on sports in different areas. Importantly, sports don’t just take physical strength, but mental and emotional as well.
Gym instructor course provides the necessary skills to fill various roles in a fitness centre environment. Personal training builds on the gym instructor course and looks at functional anatomy and physiology, exercise physiology, nutrition and also exercise prescription.

The role of a sports nutritionist is to teach rather than to prescribe, so the athlete can make life-long choices. The course provides skills necessary to provide nutritional advice for active leisure, recreation and physical activity.
You might have decided that a career in teaching sport and exercise or coaching is the best path for you.

Portobello Institute offers programmes up to Degree Level.  The first step toward fulfilling your career aspirations is to speak to one of our Academic advisors who will help you to pick the right course for you.

Why not pop into one of our 2018 scheduled Open Evenings to get full details on all of our programmes.