Following on from fantastic feedback from last years Travel & Tourism students the Northern Ireland Tourist board will once more deliver a guest lecture to our students.  Elyena O Kane of NITB was extremely impressed with the calibre of students from Portobello Institute who showed immense interest in her presentation and the industry as a whole and is more than happy to present to our current students who are undertaking the part-time Travel Agency practice programme on 16th November 2011.  Guest lectures of this nature play a pivotal role in educating our students as they add depth to their learning experience and gives them exposure to industry specialists and networking opportunities.

Elyena O kayne will give a presentation covering general geography and the main attractions in Northern Ireland, signature projects of the Northern Ireland Tourise Board and an overview of marketing activities of the Tourist Board have in place.  Tourism students are the perfect audience to learn about what Northern Ireland has to offer.  The Northern Ireland Tourism strategy to 2020 plans to double revenue to £1 Billion, increase visitors from 3.2 million and 4.5 million, and sustain upwards of 50,000 jobs from under level of 40,000 jobs.  Tourism is a growing sector in Northern Ireland and therefore can offer great opportunity to those wishing to pursue a career in Tourism as it is a long sustainable sector.


Students from Travel & Tourism programmes