Northern Ireland Tourist Board Travel Adviser will give a presentation to the Portobello Institute Airlines Students on Tuesday 22nd March 2011. The presentation will cover general geography and main attractions in Northern Ireland; Signature Projects of the Northern Ireland Tourist Board and an overview of marketing activities of Northern Ireland Tourist Board.

Northern Ireland Tourist Board aims to provide advice and guidance to encourage world class visitor servicing in the tourism industry. This includes delivering a level of service which meets and exceeds the expectations of all visitors, and in addition the provision of excellent information and facilities.

As part of the strategic marketing plan for the Dublin unit of NITB, presentations are given on tourism destinations in Northern Ireland to students and any other suitable candidates. Tourism students are the perfect audience to learn about what Northern Ireland has to offer. The Northern Ireland Tourism Strategy to 2020 plans to double revenue to £1 billion stg; increase visitors from 3.2 million and 4.5 million; and sustains upwards of 50,000 jobs from under level of 40,000 jobs. Tourism is a growing sector in Northern Ireland and therefore can offer great opportunity to those wishing to pursue a career in Tourism as it is a long term sustainable sector.