Most recently the Retail Travel and Tourism students received a guest lecture from Eleya of the Northern Ireland Tourist Board and the student feedback was great.  Here are just two quotes from our students who attended the lecture last Wednesday.

"I learnt a lot from this lecture about what attractions there are for tourists in Nothern Ireland ranging from the history of the Titanic throught to festivals and events and which are the most interesting.  It showed me the beauty of Northern Ireland and after the presentation I have since visited Belfast to experience this beautiful tourist spot.  Eleya gave me a great idea on where I could get married.  In the case of any projects connected with Northern Ireland attractions I now feel I have a sound knowledge of the area"

Paulina Galantkiewicz

"Last Wednesday we had a guest lecture from the Northern Ireland Tourist Board.  Eleya spoke to us about the top tourist attractions that we have in the North of Ireland and it opened my eyes to how many beautiful scenic and interesting places that exist there.  In relation to the course I learned from Eleya that to be successful in Retail Travel and Tourism you need to definitely know your niche market and be well informed of upcoming events such as the opening of a new and modern Visitors Centre in Belfast to commemorate the Centenery of the Sinking of the Titanic in 1912.  Also, with the massive influx of internet bookings the Travel Agent will have to create ways of keeping the face to face approach popular".

Carol Lawless