With the introduction of our new intensive Gym Instructor/Personal Trainer combo course you can be trained and ready to work in the sports industry in just 3 weeks time.  This course combo trains you in the principles of Gym Instruction and Personal Training.  Learners will gain a good understanding of clients needs to improve their overall fitness, which allows learners to devise an exercise plan to cater for their specific target, whether this is for a personal goal or for athletic performance.  A full study of Anatomy and Physiology teamed with health & safety and nutrition all make up the key elements of this popular course.  Students can now complete this course in just 3 weeks and with the addition of targeted workshops learners can soon be on their way to carving out a career in this increasingly popular sector.

To find out more about this course please call Dave Turner on 01 892 0007 or email dave.turner@portobelloinstitute.ie