We've all been there.  You walk up to a make up counter unsure of what you are looking for and ten minutes later you leave the store with a lipstick in a shade you will never wear and some expensive brushes that you don't know how to use. 

With this in mind Portobello Institute set about devising and offering make up masterclasses that would give you all the confidence you need in applying your own make up. 

The last of our make up masterclasses took place at the weekend and we had some fantastic feedback from the clients.  The masterclasses were aimed at guiding clients through every day makeup application, teaching them a few tricks of the trade, tips on the best products on the high street, how to master various brushes, techniques and much more.

At first clients would enter the makeup studios looking a bit uneasy and apprehensive about the session.  They were unsure as to wheter they would enjoy the session and would the other attendees be masters already and they would feel inadequate.  The fear soon subsided as our make up tutors whizzed into action and put them at ease. 

Here is some of the positive feedback received:

"I attended the make up masterclass on 24th June and found it brilliant.  I was delighted that I attended and learned a lot and went away feeling more confident in myself.  Avril, our tutor was so professional and really wanted us to go away feeling and looking great.  Her honesty was refreshing and I for one really enjoyed the class.  I have already used most of the tips from the class and can't wait to use the rest of them."

"When I arrived for the make up masterclass I wondered if I should actually be in the make up for dummies class.  The tutor put me at ease though, and fortunately among the other 14 attendees, some how had even less make up experience than me.  We had a three hour session, half of which was the tutor going through the basics of how to apply your make up and the other half of which  was practising on ourselves.  The tutors circulated throughout, answering questions and gently but firmly critiquing our technique.  I really enjoyed it.  The tutor had great communication skills and explained clearly the what, why, when and how of her trade, great stuff."

"I attended the make up masterclass and found it very helpful as we were taught lots of tricks and tips.  The class really gave me the confidence to apply make up.  I would definately love to attend a follow up class on colours and eyeshadows."

"I thought the make up masterclass was fabulous.  So informative and the teacher was amazing.  I learnt lots."

"I found the masterclass really good.  I learnt how to do eyes properly and about what colours suit me.  At last I know what brushes to use and how to blend eyeshadows."

"I came away from the class knowing all about foundations and about cheek defining and brow shaping.  There is so much more to know about make up and I really enjoyed the day as it was fun and not at all intimidating.  Everyone was in the same boat and eager to learn new techniques."

"I attended the masterclass with my sister and we had a ball.  Everyone was a little nervous to start but once the session got going we all relaxed and joked about our bad make up experiences and asked our tutor lots of questions about what product to buy and where.  I always wear the same look and the masterclass encouraged me to try new colours and eyeshadows.  I learnt how to contour and blush cheekbones and the result was amazing.  I bought some make up brushes on the day and feel so more confident with my make up now."