What happens when you complete your makeup artistry training?  After you graduate you are buzzing with lots of great ideas but where do you even start forging your way in this highly creative yet competitive industry.  The best way to build up a strong portfolio of work is to get as much experience as possible and that is exactly what recent Portobello Makeup Artistry graduate Louise Kaiser is doing.  The creative industry is very much about networking and building and maintaining a contact book of who's who in the industry, and proving just that Louise has built up a strong network of photographers to collaborate with.

Using social media Louise set about building up her contacts and through her own passion and admiration of fellow creatives she happened to come upon talented fashion photographer Tiara Rad who's body of work she loved.  Equally Tiara could see Louise's natural flair for creativity for makeup and styling so the two set about doing a shoot together.  Tiara is the owner of up and coming Dublin based photography studio the Photography Mill so working in a professional studio with Tiara gave Louise a real hunger for creating bolder and stronger looks.  6 months down the road and Louise is now part of the team at Photography Mill where she is Studio and Communications Manager.  With a background in communications and graphic design Louise handles all PR and Communications for the studio as well as doing the makeup for numerous shoots talking place at the studio.  Over the past 6 months she has build up a diverse body of work and is an integral part of the creative team of the Next Generation Camera Club.  The group which is a collective of freelance photographers and creatives meet every Thursday at the Photography Mill to share ideas and work together, producing cutting edge editorial and portrait images. 








A selection of images created at the Photography Mill by the Next Generation Camera Club.

Photography by Tiara Rad Hair, Makeup and Styling by Louise McMahon

Coming from a creative background with a graphic design qualification and art Louise's passion was always  to train in makeup artistry.  A mum of 3, Louise made the decision to return back to education in 2013 and chose Portobello Institute as the part-time hours suited around her personal life style.  She credits the course with giving her the confidence to explore her creativity in makeup.  "I have always loved art and I knew makeup is where I wanted to go but I never really took it anywhere.  I love creating looks that are dramatic and edgy.  Portobello Institute gave me the foundations on how to master the techniques of various looks and methods used in makeup artistry. Teamed with my own ideas and creative flair I was ready to build on my strengths and really make a go of this career.  Working at the photography Mill and meeting Tiara and the other photographers and working on the various shoots over the past few months has further cemented my love for working as a professional makeup artist" says Louise.  When asked what the future holds she says "Right now I am enjoying building up my portfolio and working with like minded creative individuals.  The Photography Mill has already opened up doors and given me so much scope.  The area I would really love to work in is Theatre and film.  I love creating characters, the more dramatic the better"