Traditionally students think of autumn with the prospect of going to college to complete a degree and while this is the case for many, summer can be the perfect time for new beginnings and to start that course before 2018 gathers too much pace. An increasing number of students are now choosing to pursue summer study because of its many benefits.

Starting a degree outside of the more traditional academic year doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to summer. The level 7 degree offered by Portobello Institute allows for a very manageable and controlled type of learning.  To help with any concerns we are delighted to share some snippets in helping you decide if summer study is right for you.

Get ahead:

Give yourself the chance to get head of the more traditional learners and to graduate earlier in 2019 with your level 7 degree.  Ultimately, the sooner you start your studies the sooner you finish having achieved your educational goal.

Take advantage of daylight:

It may seem obvious but with longer days comes more hours of daylight which can greatly add more time and energy into our lives and help get things done, and daylight is naturally better for your eyes for study.

Establish your routine:

Summertime means lovely days out with the family, holidays and weekends away but starting the level 7 in May doesn’t have to mean putting all of this on hold. A little planning and sticking to a routine can go a long way in maximising your college experience. With the level 7 course a week to week structure is in place so that students are always aware of and on track to cover all module information.

Understand the available support:

Being a small institution personal attention and support is fundamental to everything we do and we fully understand the importance of support for study at this level. As a rule, we have a programme manager in place for the degree, and every student is assigned a tutor for one to one support for each module.

Smaller classes:

Summer start dates traditionally mean smaller class sizes. Whilst a significant proportion of the level 7 degree at Portobello Institute is completed online, students will attend a full day induction along with fixed tutorial days, all of which will be smaller than other degree groups. For many learners this can be more beneficial with an ideal student tutor ratio and more intimate environment with peers.

Greatest flexibility:

Students will study this degree with the greatest flexibility through blended learning, a manageable mix of learning methods to allow for enhanced learning. Learners will study from May, including the summer months which can be hugely beneficial to learners traditionally having more time off and will attend a one day induction, fixed tutorials and study through online learning for the duration of the programme.

To find out more or to book your place on the upcoming BA Early Childhood Studies Level 7 degree commencing on 25th May, call Jennifer Matteazzi on 01 8920040 or email