Full time Sports Therapy student Martin Baten recently carrried out his work placement with Parnell GAA.  Here is what Martin has to say about his love of Sports and his next steps in his Sports career.

You did your work placement with Parnell GAA recently.  How was that and what did you work on?

Working with Parnell GAA was great.  The placement was made all the better because of the supervision of Sean, a very experienced and well known character in Parnell's.  It was obvious he enjoyed his worked and had a great ability to teach.  Being Dutch and not having the foggiest idea about GAA football, surprisingly wasn't a problem.  People like Sean made it very easy to relate to the players' injuries, and that's what its all about.  Additionally the last bit of my work placement was set up by myself. I made an announcment at my local running club that I needed "victims/clinic" for practising on.  Luckily I had a good responce and got plenty of experience over the weeks.  I had the back up of the local physiotherapist  in Kilcock, and sent any injuries I was worried about in her direction first.  I aslo had Maeve (Portobello Institute Sports programmer) on standby for any challenging injuries I encountered.  Her feedback was always very helpful.

What element of your work placement did you enjoy the most?

I enjoyed working with some of the young local talented runners in Kilcock.  Maybe even some promising Olympains?  One particular young runner still comes to me on a weekly basis. I'm not sure if that is because I'm still working for free or that he actually benefits from the treatments!  Not only that but I am also seeing his mother and father as well.

 What part of your work placement was relevant to your course content?

The massage techniques were definitely beneficial.  The knowledge behind the causes of injuries is important.  Also learning the correct way to assess a person before beginning treatment.

What area do you want to move into once the course finishes?

I still plan to continue treating people from the running club.  I also plan to train a group of 6-7 runners who would like to conpete in their first marathon this year in Dublin.  That in itself should be a challenge but I am looking forward to it.

You recently ran the Rotterdam Marathon.  Tell me more about that?

I am currently chasing a sub 3 hour marathon.  It didn't work out in Dublin in 2011 so I looked  for a marathon that was coming up in the next 5-6 months.  Rotterdam was the best option, firstly because I am Dutch and secondly because its one of the fastest marathons around.  Unfortunately it didn't work out as I'm a walking talking injury myself and after 33km the pain kicked in.  I crossed the line in 3.08, so under the instruction of my physio I am resting at the moment but I have my sights set on Frankfurt in October 2012.

What sport activity do you take part in additionally to running?

Running was always my main sport, mainly because I was at Sea for years as Captain of a cargo ship and when we arrived in port I could throw the runners on and jump ship.  It was always good to stretch the legs and clear my mind.  It was a nice way to see Europe, I got lost a few times without the ship's radar but I managed to find my way back somehow.  I then got into cycling and swimming so the most obvious choice was to start doing triathlons. I set my goals on the Wanaka Ironman in New Zealand last year.  Luckily I made it across the finish line in one piece.  I would like to do another one, maybe Lanzorate next year.