How to Choose the Right Course

Are you considering third level education? Choosing the right course is a big decision so it important to get it right, whether straight out of school or a change of mind on your career.

Here are some steps to help you choose the right path.

1. What are your interests?

List the areas of study you are interested in and come up with a list of courses you might consider studying based on your interests.  Consider your favourite subjects in school.

2. Research

Information on every subject matter is never-ending across internet, TV, newspapers and of course peers.  Look online about the courses you are interested in and find out about your career prospects.  People who have completed similar courses can also give you a great insight.

3. Career opportunities

Research career prospects before selecting course. Consider various factors such as income, job security, stress, responsibility and other potential benefits that are important to you.  

4. College quality

Compare course outlines and studying facilities between third level colleges to make sure you make the right choice for your educational needs and preference. If you have the opportunity, visit the college and attend any open days to make the best decision possible.

5. Course content

Course content can be vital to your decision so take the time to go through. Also look at different types of learning required such as assignments and examinations.

6. Entry requirements

Some courses can be difficult to gain entry so just be honest with your course selection. There are alot of colleges offering courses with no minimum entry requirement and are interview based where you can excel.    

7. Course duration

The length of a course is a hugely important factor in your decision to ensure you will be fully committed. There are a wide range of flexible study options to suit your life study balance. 

8. Cost of study

Affordability is an important deciding factor so spend time looking at all potential costs. Don’t let cost hinder your decision as there are a number of financial options available to you including installment options payable over the duration of a course.

Key to finding your dream career is to start the journey today by speaking to an academic advisor at a college open evening